Children need hope, they need REWA
Children need hope, they need REWA

World Disability Day in Leh, December 3rd, 2020

Report on  International disability day 3rd December  REWA society

by Tsering Dorjay, Manager REWA


Rewa society Leh Branch celebrate the international disability day on 3rd December in a different manner due to covid 19 pandemic. Every year all the NGOs exist and working in Ladakh do celebrate collaboratively but due to this unfortunate pandemic, we could not celebrate.


Rewa society planned to celebrate by inviting few children's and parents but unfortunately two days back we have received a notice from the government that our centre will use for covid screening centre then we have planned to celebrate by inviting everyone to participate at ZOOM but again due to not having enough knowledge to the parents as well as no availability of Smartphone and network we could not celebrate the way we thought.


Then we have decided to celebrate by giving a task to very children's and parents to participate from home and take part in a contest, it was safe and acceptable and also it was in a favour of administration SOP. The best performer of the contest was  given a gift, consolation price given to every child of the Rewa society.


Winner of the contest and consolation price has delivered at their home on the same day.


Following were the points, on which they have to express/tell their views,

  1. Making a short video clip on what are the difficulties facing by children/people with disabilities during the covid 19 pandemics.
  2. Is current education policies are appropriate for all types of disabilities?
  3. Is every child with disabilities are accessible for education and rehabilitation?
  4. Singing and dancing.

Few of them participated, the result of the videos was not in such a way that we planned but we accepted because it was the first time that they were performing.


The main idea behind the contest is to encourage the children's and parents, they are the most depressed at this time in and around the world, children and people with disabilities are more venerable to infection /isolation on this pandemic situation, so any such motivation brings them back to normalcy and happy life again even for a movement.


Every parent called us this evening and they were so excited to have a wonderful gift, they said their children's are so excited and happy also after a long time. It was a good achievement for us.

Content of parents comments on video clips

Rafael talks about the situation (1st position from contest children participant)


Recently REWA request me to write some words on education. Initially Chushot school was introduce as a  higher secondary school and also it has added that school will also have vocational training centre for those students who are not able to read and write can also perform some task that will also come under education. There are many facilities for the non-disabled children in terms of sport, but for education we do not have any facilities. Every winter at Leh there is a lots of tuition facilities for the non-disable children, but for disable it has completely neglected. Very recently I have visited to a tuition Centre where they do not have any facilities for the disable children, nor it has accessible (ramp and railing) or I cannot have a caretaker. Now Ladakh became union territory now it’s possible to have facilities for us as well. Thank you. REWA Society is helping us.


Rizwana`s mother’s explanation (Rizwana had 2nd position in contest)


Juley, hello everyone, this year we cannot celebrate disability day due to covid 19, therefore we the parents would like to say some words to the REWA society

Because of Rewa society my child has changed a lot, because of rRewa child has got an opportunity for studying, before Rewa there was no facilities for the children for therapy, and  accessible facilities, earlier people treat them uncomfortably and differently and not accepting, now we the parents have a confident ,now my child is able to walk with some support (KAFO) ,she is able to perform her activities of daily living, some time she is making a cake at home a, now she is able to read and write, we really thanks to REWA society, they help us a lot ,



Stanzin Chusku Mother explains (Stanzin Chusku had 3rd position in contest)


Before my child Stanzin Chusku used to go to Rewa centre, he was not able to walk nor able to eat before. Now he is able to walk, talk and eat. This all happened to my child because of Rewa society, this year we are not able to go to Rewa centre due to covid 19.  Rewa is helping us to pick up my child from home and drop us back to home, we all parents would like to thanks from our heart to REWA society for help us.



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