Children need hope, they need REWA
Children need hope, they need REWA

March 4th, 2024


According to our staff in Leh and Kargil the schools in Ladakh and our therapy centers with special education will not open quickly due to extreme cold. Opening in Leh is planned on March 11th, in Kargil March 15th. We will have to wait a bit to greet our lovely children back out of winter break. 

REWA Society, Ladakh Disabled Childrens Branch - an initiative to help children with special needs

Our lovely children dancing happily in June 2022

REWA Society was founded 2007 in Leh, Ladakh, by parents of children with disabilities and other local citizens who saw the desperate need of the special children of Ladakh.


REWA Society is a non-profit, non-religious, non-political registred NGO since February 2011.


REWA Society developed out of an initiative of the German NGO Ladakh-Hilfe. 

The founder of Ladakh-Hilfe, Karola Wood, Physiotherapist, had started working with disabled children in Ladakh in 2003.She recruited professional volunteers from Europe to help after finding many children with severe disabilies who did not recieve therapy to improve their quality of life. The plight of the children, especially those in the remote areas, touched Karola Wood and the volunteers and they energized awareness and collaboration with many locals.

Our base of operation is the REWA ABILITY CENTER in Leh, Ladakh. Every day children from the greater Leh area are being treated in this Centre. Many fieldtrips into all the districts of Ladakh aim to help the patients in the remote areas.

In 2011 we founded a second base of operation in Kargil to meet the need of the disabled in this area. A new project is developing there 2013: Inclusion of special children in school, collaboration of REWA with local school. More later...

We work with all Government Institutions and NGOs who serve the children with special needs.

REWA Society Leh was granted 80g in fall of 2023. Since then we have become indepent of the support of Ladakh-Hilfe Germany and recruit our support locally.

REWA Kargil is pursuing the status of a society, FRCA and 80g and is still supported by Ladakh-Hilfe Germany.


If you plan to travel to Ladakh, please come to see our Centre in Leh and in Kargil. We will be more than happy to show you our facilities and explain our work.

Become part of a great and effective project and be blessed!



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Tag der Umwelt in Kargil, April 2024


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