Children need hope, they need REWA
Children need hope, they need REWA

Tangtse Fieldtrip July 1st, 2023


Here is small report on Tangtse field trip.

On 1st of July 2023 I Thinley Othzer, Physiotherapist, went to Tangtse field trip.

Morning 9am I moved from my home after 35-kilometre drive, my car tyre was gone flat, my luck was good I got a puncture repair shop at Kharu Market I fixed it and moved to Tangtsey village.


Before Tangtsey village I went to Shayok village to visit Tharchin and Thinley.

First I went to Tharchin house to check his present situation and was fine and fit, got quite more improvement in his balancing. Did some exercise with him and he did some alone. He can stand alone for 4 minutes.


After that i went to second patient house name Thinley Mutup, he is not fine, he got some infection in lower limb and need to have his entire left leg amputated. He also had a fracture in his upper right leg and he lost sensation in his right hand. He was not able to eat properly. He is in very bad situation this time. Now they moved him to Leh to the hospital to have the fracture operated on. On July 5th all REWA staff was in hospital and visited him. We are very sad about this development.


Spent some time with him and discuss about his present situation. His father took him to Chandigarh army hospital for treatment, but doctors send then back to home after amputation of his leg. I didn’t took picture of Thinley.

After that I am move back to Tangtsey village to stay night over there.


Next morning I moved to Shachukul village to visit our 3rd patient name Sonam but she was not at home gone to another place with her father.

Then I am move back to Leh the road was very bad and I reach back to home at 5:30 pm.

Finally, my trip was good.


Report by PT Othzer




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