Children need hope, they need REWA
Children need hope, they need REWA

Temisgam Fieldtrip May 14th, 2023

On May 14, 2023, mam Rinchen and I Lobzang visited the village of Temisgam as part of the Rewa Society's first field trip. We were looking for patients.  We travelled to Temisgam village for a field trip in a car driven by Mam Rinchen.


 1: S. Y., a resident of the Tia (Cher-Cherpa) village, is our first patent. Her diagnosis is Bilateral CP. We worked her upper body with several exercises.  Afterward, we advised her father to assist her in drawing circles because she loved to write.  There are no structural or functional abnormalities in her body; she is the same as she was before.


 2: On the same day, we run into our second patent, S. Y., from Tia (Neysing pa) residence. Her diagnosis is unilateral CP. She attended higher study in Leh, therefore we never met her.


3: We visited U. C. from Tia (Sograpa) on the same day that he was our third patient. He suffers from post-polio paralysis.  We got to know his older sister. She said he continued his higher education. He is currently a second-year student in Chandigarh; therefore, we have never met him.


4: On the same day as our fourth patient, we went to see S. J. in Tia (Makspon). His diagnosis is Hallux Valgus with short (Rt) L/L. We went to his secondary school Temisgam to meet him. He has had low vision and the medical camp visited the school to examine the eyes of all the students. Because of this, the doctor advised his parents to get eyeglasses so, he travelled with his parents to Leh to have glasses made, therefore we never met him.


 5: We visited U. R. in Saspol on the same day that he was our fifth patient. His diagnosis is Intellectual Disability with Cerebral Palsy. He was incredibly smart, and when we asked him to tell AtoZ alphabets, he knew everything, but he couldn't write. We help him how to write the standing line, zigzag, and sleeping line. We also gave his younger sister suggestions on how to instruct him in the writing of the sleeping line, standing line, and zigzag. 



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