Children need hope, they need REWA
Children need hope, they need REWA

Dechen is gone, Stanzin is here, 05.05.2022

Concering staff things change fast in Ladakh. But if the government offers a job paying almost double than REWA, there is no holding of the people, especially if they had not been with us very long and developed a bond. 

We are sorry for Dechen to leave, but we most definitely understand and wish for her very best.

Dorjay has found another teacher. Stanzin Yangskit is 27 years old and is a graduate of 12th class. She has been teaching primary school for 2 years. We have her on probation right now and we will see if all works out.

Dechen Lhamo, local teacher for REWA children, April 2022

Dechen Lhamo has volunteered for REWA since fall of 2019. Her service to the children of REWA has been so valuable that we have employed her as a special ed teacher since April 2022. 

She has many skills and an impressive education:


BACHELOR OF ARTS Political Science(Hons) from Delhi 2011-2014 University MASTER OF ARTS In political Science from Jawaharlal 2014-2016 M.A Nehru University Bachelor of education Kashmir University 2018-2021


Her work has been exemplary and dedicated toward the special needs children in Ladakh. She has been an asset to compliment the staff and work toward the goals of REWA. We are very happy to have her in our staff. 


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