Children need hope, they need REWA
Children need hope, they need REWA

Despite difficult times both REWA teams find ways to continue their work


Hello..... We had opened the center briefly after winter vacation at March 9. Unfortunately due to bad condition of corona virus , reclosed our center. Since we started calling our patients.


First wecalled Kneez Fatima, her sister pick up our call and we talked to Kneez , we tought her some exercise at home with help her sister, such as bridging exercise, ROM lower limb, strengthening lower limb, finger mobilization, sitting to standing support to wall. 


2nd patient Gulzar Hussain, we caled and his father responded. We ask Gulzar if he was doing exercise or not at home and he said he feels little bit weak that's why he is not doing exerices daily. We told him to do some exercise at home as possible. If he need our help he can call us and we tell him some exercise with support his father, such as shoulder Rom, stretching both legs, breathing exercises .


We called our 3rd patient, Sabreen Fatima. Her mother picked up the phone and we teach her mother some exercise with video calling such as try sitting  standing with support, bridging exercise, stretching both legs, four foot position.


Our 4rd patient Mohammed, his mother picked up the call and told me he going to neighbourhood. We teach his mother  regular exercise for her child such as strengthening exercise for one side of the body, hand flexion, extension with soft ball.


We calling most patient and they are doing at home and we show some exercise with help the parents and we can not send all picture of the patient because some village has network problem.Thanks


Regard: Bilquis fatima

                Amaina Parveen

Work in Leh:



Everyone knows  these days Coronavirus is spreading  all over the world in India our prime minister had announced  lockdown for twenty one days.

So we decided to contact the patient's and told them to continue the therapy, we also told them if they have any issue's regarding therapy then we they can contect us through video call.

We have created a whats app group of patients for easily contacting each other.

Regards from ladakh


Written by chuskit

stay home stay safe.

Rigzen Norbu is doing gardening  outside and doing exercise at home and his  father is helping him

Norbu is cooking tea at home

Jigmet mother is doing exercise with him at home



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