Children need hope, they need REWA
Children need hope, they need REWA

Special Team Workshop from June 17th-21st, 2019

Technical supervisor Barbara Forst and director Karola Wood had prepared a special one week team workshop for both the REWA teams from Kargil and Leh. 

Barbara had travelled to Kargil the week before and had assisted the team with the children. They all arrived in Leh on Sunday, June 16th and met with the other team Monday morning for an extensive week of training. Topics covered were:

- Plans for the future, short term and long term (10 year) vision plan

- Who is who in Rewa, organisational structure

- Communication: how to properly communicate

- Team and team work, importance of strength and competence of everyone     in the team

- Practical team lessons and Powerpoint Presentation about team work

- Self reflection and formulation special abilities and capacities of each         person present

- Cone of learning

- Technical evaluation, how are the volunteers evaluated

- Where are our strengths today? Where do I want to be tomorrow?

- How can we maintain our strengths? How can we develop them?

- How do we secure our technical standards?

- How can we develop a save method of controlling our work?

- Workshop on leadership, the possible forms of leadership, where do we         stand, what do we want...

- Teamdiscussion: work with parents, recruiting members

- Close look at REWA 2020 Comprehensive Rehabilitation Centre. Architect gives new look at plans, team discussion as to their involvement in building process

- Team discussion therapy aid station in remote areas

- Plans for PR for REWA, fundraising possibilities 





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