Children need hope, they need REWA
Children need hope, they need REWA

Speechtherapist Ena wants to help more, April 25, 2022

Ena contacted us in 2021. She lives in Delhi and works as a speech therapist.

She worked online with several of our children in Leh and Kargil. She herself reports: 


Its been an amazing pleasure to have worked with the institute . all
the staff members are very cooperative and hard working. I never had a single issue while coordinating with any of the clinicians. we have
been taking online sessions for more than 6 children.
But now  we would be going for offline session for better results and outcomes . I would be interacting with all the parents also for clearer goals of the children.
I have done my previous assessments and therapy sessions for all the
children free of cost. I will be doing the offline sessions also
without any charges.


These are the assessment reports of the children we evaluated. myself ,parents,and their other therapist were on call while we were  conducting evaluation . A brief programme has been shared with the parents on how to proceed with the treatment plan. but like i mentioned online interactions have some limitations. This year I wanted to meet the children and their parents personally on how to go further, give one on one therapy sessions to all the children so that their parents can also observe and then give a proper speech therapy programme for a set of few months. 
The parents and staff cooperation was very great. I had interacted with all the parents, learned about their queries and resolved their speech related issues and how to go further with the treatment plan. I have been checking up with their therapist about the progress coz the schools were closed and it was winter period there. my main concern is to plan a physical treatment session for the parents and children. Demonstrate the actual speech therapy which obviously has limitations in an online session .
 I would further be carrying my medical equipment for hearing evaluation. I would be checking the hearing thresholds of all the children and staff as i am a hearing specialist also. Because for right speech development we need normal hearing or if any of the child is suffering from some degree of hearing loss we can act immediately. 
Well about myself I am an Audiologist and speech therapist based in Delhi but also trying to help children with special needs with my skills in different regions of india. it would be a great pleasure for me if i can help children in leh region. And I am very very fond of children. 
Ena wants to visit Ladakh/REWA in person and is asking for help with airfare and accomodation. We ask for the sponsors help with this project since it will be a great asset for our children. If you want to donate toward this project, please go to

Sample of Enas assessments



 Name:  S. N.                                                                    Date: 08/07/2021

 Age / Sex: 8 / Male                                                                    Mother Tongue: Ladakhi



 chief complaint is lack of attention.

H/O Family: Child has  joint family. He has one sister and one brother with no speech problem.


The child’s motor development are reported to be delayed.

VISION: The child’s visual ability is reported to be normal.


Articulators are observed to be structurally normal as reported by informant and functionally adequate for vegetative functions and speech production  as reported by informant.


Chewing- Adequate, as reported

Swallowing- Adequate, as reported

Sucking- Adequate ,as reported

Blowing- Adequate as reported






Stanzin was seen individually and was observed during the call along with his therapist for the current assessment. stanzin presents a portrait of a child who has lack of attention and concentration Alertness present on name calling.




The child seem to understand simple commands. The child identifies her family members (father, mother,uncle, aunty, cousins, grandmother and granfather). He comprehends emotions (happy, anger, sad) .


The child can express himself in sentences.


Difficulty in reception and expression of speech secondary to lack of attention and concentration.


  • Speech and language therapy
  • Psychological evaluation
  • Follow up





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