Children need hope, they need REWA
Children need hope, they need REWA

Barbara and Chokla in Bamberg, April 30th, 2022

Bavarian One World Prize 2022, and the Ladakh-Hilfe e.V. was nominated.


We, Barbara Forst and Stanzin Chokla, traveled as representatives of Ladakh Hilfe to the beautiful city of Bamberg on April 30 to participate in the award ceremony. The auditorium of the university, an old monastery church, was a worthy setting for this and Dr. Alexander Fonani from Eine Welt Netzwerk Bayern e.V. was a very warm host, who led through the event with his refreshing moderation.


All 10 nominated organizations had accepted the offer to present themselves with an information table showcasing Brochures, pictures. We found almost every other projects exciting and interesting, and with no envy among the participants a calm and meaningful conversation took place and to know more about each other. The tables were heavily attended by the interested guests of the event as well as numerous politicians from the federal and state governments.


Minister of State Melanie Huml MdL visited each participant in person and was curious to know about the various projects. In our impression her sincere interest was already a recognition. She also personally presented the respective certificates to the nominees and award winners. We hope she felt the warm gesture when we presented her with a Khatag, as a customary practice we in Ladakh always present people with the same as a gesture of appreciation.


The Feuerberg Quartet a group of musicians who showered our ears with some beautiful and soulful music and the event concluded with few words from the Minister of State and warmly inviting us to enjoy some drinks and snacks before we leave the venue.


We did not leave the event with an award, but we were proud and happy nominee, knowing full well what great work is being done by all employees in the teams in Ladakh and Germany. A heartful thanks to all the sponsors, supporters who make this work possible and last no the least Karola Wood the backbone of the Oragnization.


Report by Stanzin Chokla



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