Children need hope, they need REWA
Children need hope, they need REWA

Three local volunteers help REWA during October and November


Our day to day activities:


We three volunteers divide our time in such a manner so that we are able to give time to each and every student.

This is how we carry our daily routine. After morning assembly we start our classes till lunch. After lunch we mainly focus on activities like dancing, singing, painting, colouring etc. We try to impart education to all the students according to their capacity. We try our best to give them the best of education according to our capacity.

The month of November has been very hectic for both the volunteers and the staff of Rewa Society. As we have been preparing for the Children’s day   (i.e.  14 November) and the International Disability Day (3rd December). In the second week of November we were busy preparing for the children’s day. After lunch we three volunteers used to teach dance to students to perform on children day and this was our routine till 14 November. We three volunteers also perform one dance on that day. On this day even the staff members also performed a dance.

After 14 November we started preparing for the International Disability Day. So we the volunteers used to teach art and craft to the students. We made many things like jewellery box, dream catcher, flower vase, paper bags etc. On this day the students of Rewa society also performed a dance and a song including all the staff.

It’s been a great time working for the Rewa Society as a volunteer. We had an amazing time with the children’s. We learn many things from this organization. We try our best to give as much as possible and we also gained many things by spending time with these childrens.

Hope to meet you in future.


Sonam Angmo

M.A History

1st October 2019

Dechen Lhamo

M.A Political Science.

Presently pursuing B.ed from Kashmir University

1st November 2019

Stanzin Yangdol

M.A History.

Presently pursuing B.ed from Kashmir University

1st November 2019


Thank you so much for your appreciated help with REWA!




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