Children need hope, they need REWA
Children need hope, they need REWA

Parents get help, Sept. 8th, 2022

Our audiologist Dechen is working with REWA at the moment. She assessed some of the children and had a intensive day talking to the parents about the needs of their children. This is what she wrote about her work:


Every month one day parents meeting was going on as told by ma'am Stanzin. This month parents meeting is first time with me , along with me ma'am stanzin also in meeting , so I meet most of the parents. First I just introduced my self and what work Im doing her in REWA for children because most of the parents they don't know about me. From my side those children I gave speech therapy, for those parents I explained related to speech and language therapy role, what I'm doing for the children during therapy sessions base on their diagnosed. I set the 3-4 basic goals for the children and I explained those goals with activity for parents and I told them to work this goal at home also because they spend most of the time with child , as have only 30 minutes for each child so if the parents also understand the goals and work on this goal at home it will show progress soon. And also I gave my number to parents if they have any doubt to contact me, I also wrote all the parents contact no. to inform the parents what he/she done in today session.


We are very pleased for Dechen to work with us, since it was our goal for REWA children to be helped with professional staff. Thank you Dechen!



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