Children need hope, they need REWA
Children need hope, they need REWA

Kargil Sports Day September 29th, 2018

Report of Sport Annual Day 

At the 29th of September 2018 the annual sport day took place at MUNSHI HABIBLLAH MISSION SCHOOL.


There were a lot of competitions like Volleyball, running, frog jump and ball balancing on the spoon, rope skipping and relay race. There were a strength match with a rope, a class showed yoga practices with the explanation which position helps for what kind of pain or disease and the whole school made a march. There were also a sack race and a hurdle race.


Also the teachers took part in a few competitions what was a lot fun for the children. They were cheer on a lot and it was really exciting. Also a lot of parents came to support their children.


For our special class there was an extra competition. They also were running, did the spoon race with balancing a ball on the spoon and they threw balls into baskets. We got a lot of support from the crowd. Five of our kids started the race and Bilal won. In the spoon race only 3 kids started and there was Zulfiker the fastest. And again 3 of our children took part in the throwing ball into basket competition. Here Munawar was the best.

Then there was the award ceremony and the kids got a certificate, cookies and juice. The price was given from Mr. Gulzars Wife. And in the end all the kids were celebrating.


Report by Bilquis, local manager

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