Children need hope, they need REWA
Children need hope, they need REWA

REWA Center in Kargil is going strong,                April 15, 2019

We start our Rewa center on 18 of march. Fist week only few patient are coming because of snow, Normally nine or ten patient is coming for therapy each day, but this month only 4 or 5 is came because of cold. Now improvement of the patient is 30%.  Now all patient is coming on their alternative days, in this year 9 new patients are enrolled for therapy as well as special class as you know 3 patients is already shifted in Munshi Habibullah school now this year one more patient is shifted ,therefore totally 4 in a normal school . Now Rewa center is going very well. Parents are very cooperative for children’s and they also so much interested and during activates they also participate with us . Every Monday we did coordinator meeting.  We are going to home visit on Friday we have 3 patient in home visit.We need some instrument for gross and fine motoric exercise and for activates also  actually now children’s are bored with old instruments therefore they are not interested to do exercise with old instruments/toys, they need new challenges.


Report by Bilquees, Local Coordinator




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