Children need hope, they need REWA
Children need hope, they need REWA

6th and last day of Intensive course

We had a wonderful and moving closing ceremony today. All participants, co-workers, parents and children and other staff met. First the children recieved a small present: it is a small treasure bag with a special message:

Then the therapist recieved their certificate

All other supporters recieved a small gift

Statements of the participants

Amina Parveen

We learn more technique for these session and thanks for you three.  I will use these techniques in my future therapy.

Chuskit Yangdol

This intensive course is very useful for us  and we learn many new technique and idea from both of you   in future we will use all those technique with our children. Thanks to Rosemary and Hike to share your knowledge and experience with us

Bilquis Fatima

First of all, I would like to thanks you three with us. During the one-week training, I learnt new technique so, I can implement to the children. It was a very informative training. Indeed, you three train us again, so we learn more therapy.

Lobzang Dolma

In the beginning, I want to express my gratitude for having all three of you here. From this one week of training, I gained a lot of knowledge. We need you again in Ladakh to train us. It was a great instructive training session form me, so I can apply it to the child with ease. I truly appreciate it and say thank you.


 I would like to thank you Karola for organizing such a training and give us the opportunity to learn so much from the most talented and wonderful trainer.  This week was so informative for me. i learnt so many new things which I could implement in my future therapy. This week was full of fun and enjoyment.  We would love to have such section in future also. Last special thanks to Heike, Rosemarie and Barbara.

Dechen Angmo

I really thank you for the Karola mam for organising such a great intensive course for us. And I extend my thank you for all the trainers ma'am Barbara, ma'am rosemarie and ma'am Heike. It's a very fruitful and remarkable course for me to learn so many things from physiotherapy as I'm a Speech therapist I have not much knowledge about physiotherapy to handle physio cases.

So my statement for this intensive course is: Being a good therapy for children we need to contribute all the multi disability teams .



I would like to thank you for Rosemarie, Heike, and Barbara, you are such a good and experienced trainer. I learnt soo many new things and many techniques. I will implement those technique on our Rewa patients. And we need training like this in future.

Thinley Othzer

First of all I would like to say thank you for your wonderful training to us.

I learn lots of new ideas and wounder full technique. I will implement to this all technique to another children in future, it will help me lots and gain my knowledge.


From the personal side:

Again, I fell in love with Ladakh, the nice culture, the wonderful persons, especially the team and the children with their families from REWA. They all touched my soul – and I am happy to have this wonderful time together with you.

From the professional side:

All Participants increased their knowledge and approach with the children we treated this week. I saw a big change in thinking about the goalsetting, not more only function planning was important, the activity goals were understood more and more.

What I like the best, were the open eyes and faces listening to us and to the other participants. Always concentrated and transferring the news to the own children in their work. In the end the three most important points were formulated out very clear. What an increasement in only five days!


I´m looking back to a fulfilled week. I`m deeply touched and will carry this with me.

I want to say: Thank you, to all participants working so hard and being part of an intense, beautiful process, to the children and their families following us full of trust, to my team Rosemarie and Barbara for a wonderful teamwork.   

Thank you to Rewa Society to make this possible.             


 It was an intensive and moving week. Everything fit together and made the result a great experience for all: the excellent knowledge of the two teachers, with which they captivated and motivated the participating therapists; their willingness to learn and curiosity; the care provided by the other staff; not least the weather. Everything led to a great learning success and all therapists agreed that a week like this would be so desirable every year.                         

August 4th, 5th day of Intensive course

Todays topic was the transfer of handling to the caretaker/parents. First the therapists worked on theoretical preparation on how to transfer the knowledge to the groups. 

Later the the caretaker is explained the diagnosis and the reason for therapeutic practical approach. Then the therapists show and facilitate the approach on each other, so the caretaker/parents can experience themselves. 

After that the caretaker/parents work with each other, before they work with children. All along the therapist supervise them.


Show them, let them experience it, have them do it themselves. 

Getting prepared for the day

Practical work with caretakers/parents/children

August 3rd, 4. day of Intensive course

Today main theme was "Facilitate the usage of hands". In the morning hours they worked with this topic in theory and selfawareness. During the afternoon lessons the worked with the children. Each child is different, each child needs another approach. Interesting is the parcour they built for one child. It seems that the young boy had lots of fun with the challenge, especially with Othzer encouring him with a hand puppet!!

Those 4 pics show special facilitation of hand function

August 2nd, 3. day of Intensive course

Todays topic "standing" was another challenge. As simple as it may seem, for children with CP it is so important to be able to stand. How to get there was tought by instructur Rosemarie and Heike in a very professional manner. For early intervention it is of utmost importance that the children get proper care and handling. 

During morning sessions theoretical aspects were discussed, followe by self awareness. In the afternoon practical work with the children was on the agenda. Another day full of concentrated and joyful work. 

August 1st, 2nd day of Intensive course

Todays topic was sitting. Fist they worked on it in theory, then in self awareness. In the afternoon they worked with three children with CP. Fun and concentration was ever present all day. Structure, implementation with other children, analysis/reflection with the help of ICF will be the topic of the coming days.


A beautiful side story to all of this: A mothers love is displayed by our PT Bilqis from Kargi. Instead of leaving her little daughter home for one week, she brought her along together with her father. Her dad is watching the grandchild while Bilqis attends classes. 

Bilqis with baby in red in the middle beside Barbara

July 31st, first day of Intensive course

It was a full day of theoretical teaching, understanding concepts, working with each other, experiencing the movements and changes of position, facilitating continuous movement. Highly concentrated therapists worked hard for a long day to understand more deeply the needs of the children with disabilities. 

Bobath Intensive Course in Leh, 31st July - 5th of August

One of our very important goals and aims for the special needs children of Ladakh is the provision of excellent and professional treatment and therapy. 

For many years we have sent very good instructors and physiotherapist to Ladakh to help with this goal. We have sent our staff to PT diploma courses at first, now we have staff that has BA and MA degrees, trained very professional to take care of all the needs of the beneficiaries. 

Barbara Forst, our professional german childrens specialized Physiotherapist, has been with us since 2012. She was able to lead the Leh and Kargil Team to work on an international level, using international standards and tools. Be it assessment, goals and aims, parents teaching, planning, she brought the level of therapy to a very professional standard.


Together with Barbara we worked out a plan to bring two of the most advanced childrens Bobath instructors/practitioner (Rosemarie and Heike) to Ladakh to teach our teams. We have been preparing for this event fo one year. We collected funds for travel expenses and accomodation and held countless zoom meetings with the Rewa Teams to plan this event. We were able to recrute Stanzin Chokla as an interpreter and helper. He currently lives in Hamburg Germany and works there as phyisotherapist for a german clinic. All teachers and helpers work as volunteers.


The last week of August all instructors started to arrive in Leh, first Rosemarie and Heike, then Barbara. They all met on Sunday at the CTC compound to prepare the facility for the week. They had lunch in Thugjay's kitchen and spend some time getting to know each other. Later in the afternoon the Kargil team arrived with Chokla.



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