Children need hope, they need REWA
Children need hope, they need REWA

3rd REWA rehab center planned in Batalik area, March 2022

 On 17 th March we have visited Batalik sector which is approximately 173 km from Leh. Its more interior and sharing border with Pakistan, during the 1999 war this area was completely affected and destroyed. People residing in this areas have been almost deprived from all humanitarian assistance, especially for the people with disabilities.


In the month of November 2021 the Indian army requested REWA to organize a rehabilitation camp at Batalik. With the collaboration of the Indian army, district administration and Rewa society we organized a camp and we came to know that around 60 people with disabilities were reported and registered which include all types of disabilities.


After the camp, the Government and Indian army came up with an idea of setup a rehab centre at Batalik sector to cover these disabilities residing nearby villages.


In this regard, we have visited Batalik and organized a meeting with Indian Army officers on March 17th. In this meeting we have finalized the location for the Rehabilitation centre. Indian army provided us the space which is earlier used by the Indian army during the war as a medical Aid centre. They have also insure to provide transport facilities and food facilities for the children who will receive the services from the centre. They will also provide office equipment like chair table, carpets stationary etc. current provided space exist all essential material like chairs table, carpets beside this any requirement they will provide.


On then next day we visited Kargil and organized a meeting with the social welfare department and education department heads who has assigned to talk with us by the head of the district administration. In this meeting they have requested us to submit a  proposal and they will bear 75% of the total budget for  Rehab centre.  Only 25% of the total cost have to bear by US  (REWA society and Indian Army).


 We could not take pictures in Batalik area as there is lots of prohibition for photography due to the military area.


These days  Indian army is doing a door to door survey and they will share the data with us then we will organize a technical assessment.



Dorjay, Manager Rewa Society



Information and links about Batalik:


Batalik is a part of UT, India. Batalik has been the centre of all Indo-Pakistani wars. Operation Safed Sagar was launched primarily in this region. It was one of the main regions in which Kargil war was fought. Batalik sector can be reached by two sides. Kargil side if you are coming from Srinagar, capital of Jammu and Kashmir. One has to cross high mountain pass named HAMBOTING LA (alt 13580 feet) to reach Batalik.

If one is coming from Leh side, Batalik can also be reached by taking diversion at Khaltse (a town located on Srinagar-Leh Highway). Batalik is 50 km from Kargil and is famous for its four villages called Dha, Hanu, Garkon and Darchak, which are famous for its Drokpa tribe. The Drokpa tribe is believed to be directly descended from the soldiers of Alexander the Great. The Indus river can also be seen in its full glory here.


The distance from Leh to Kargil via Batalik is 223 km

The distance from Leh to Batalik is 173 km

The distance from Kargil to Batalik is 50 km



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