Children need hope, they need REWA
Children need hope, they need REWA


                On  14th May we have visited Nubra valley for the field trip 2019.on the first day we have visited sumoor for follow-up Stanzin choyang. We met with the family, we discuss about the child with parents regarding what we can do,and what will be the family responsibility. we taught them how we can prevent the development of   physical  disabilities .we taught them basic home base exercise  so that they can do at home .last year we have given them a  wheel chair ,but they were not using it ,mother said  chair  was so beautiful if might get damage if used ! we suggest them to use and if get damaged we will repair and if possible we  will provide a new one. We have given traing on wheel chair uses.

On next to his house, there was an primary health centre where we met with a female nurse, we introduce our self and given a brief about rewa society .she introduce with a child who were suffering from a meningitis during flush flood in Ladakh in 2010, she was not able to received a proper treatment due to damage the road connectivity later they were taken her to Chandigarh PGI for treatment but it was too late .Her name is Jigmet chosma ,she is 9 year old now, she is unilateral cerebral palsy with intellectual disabilities, currently she is not able to stand and walk, she require a rigours’ therapy to prevent contracture and  deformities on her  (RT) upper , lower  limb and trunk. She needs wheel chair with proper sizes to for passive uses to move around and she need cockup splint for right hand and knee support for standing. We have suggested to make a standing table at home, we also met with carpenter regarding standing table and explained every details with them.  Once they completed the  standing table they will share picture with us.

We have visited  a school were we  met with Diskit angmo, she was living in Dikit village before, but now she  has shifted to Sumure  because of school, she passed 11th  standard . She was operated in 2013 for TA release,she was walking on Toe ,but after the surgical intervention she is walking normally. She was a case of unilateral cerebral palsy. We also met with her games teacher, and suggest her teacher to do regular exercises for lower limb and upper limb.we practically demonstrate the exercises to her and her teacher

At  Youlkham village there we visit another patient name Tundup Gyaltson.,a  tremendous  improvement we have seen in him ,last time he was not speaking ,but now he is speaking and he is also going to school with his brother ,school is also very near to his house. They are also doing exercise  at home  he is learning alphabets and numerical,  he is doing exercise at home ,he is getting help from his brother and mother, we taught some new exercises to him. He is speaking very well than before.


On  Next day we travel towards Bogdang. On the way have visited a child his name is  Salman kahna. We met him at school,his teacher told us that he has improved his writting but he is not doing exercises at school.his father is also working on this school but he was not present at school during our visit.we revised all the exercises which we had told him to do and also added new exercises for him.he said he is not getting difficulties to walk like before.he promised us that he will do exercises on regular bases.

Above picture is a village of Bogdang. This village has a lots of children who has disabilities. We have visited an anganwadi centre where preschool children’s are getting free food facilities. The lady who is the in charge of this centre told us that they have many children’s who has a disabilities in that village. One child was present at the centre during our visit, he is a case of rickets.


We took the address of the children’s from the Anganwadi in charge  and we travel towards them, on they we cook magggi for lunch  because it was around 2oclck and also the address of the children’s we so far, to reach them we have to climb mountain, so we decided to have lunch before.


After having lunch, we climb up to the village called LUNGNAK. Where we meet with 4 children,3 were school going kids and 1 were staying at home.


 Above house is the one of the child house, he is living on this house the whole day because he is an intellectual disabilities.

He has not any physical disabilities, he has a disability certificate but he is not receiving any sort  of  support from the Government. Family condition is very  poor, both the parents are farmer, they don’t have a  big field to cultivate but they manage to survive on this small piece of  land.


He require a helmet to protect the head ,because he bang his head all the time with the wall therefore he has a  big ,big wound at head.

This little girl has visited REWA society in the month of March ,she bought by her sister and father for therapy, but due to family issues they can’t  come to REWA  for a long, she is an epileptic case ,with delayed milestone motor development ,she is still having 3- 4 episode of epileptic attack in a  day, her father is a daily wage labour .eight family members are dependent on him, medicine are so expensive and they were getting difficulties to manage the family with this extra expenditure. They were asking for help to procure medication for her.


While coming back from Bogdang village ,where we met with boy, who has physical disability, he is a  case of  unilateral CP ,he was studying in a  Army school Nubra,he passed 8th standard examination, he was living with his father,his mothers had passed way when he was too young, but unfortunately his father ,who was everything for him, he also pass away, when we met, he cried and asking for a job, all the villagers were also requesting us to provide him a  job.


On 3rd day we visited changthang via Nubra, on the way we met with Konchok Thanrchin, he is a case of head injury. A tremendous improvement we have seen in him, when i saw him two years back, he was not able to stand without support, but today he is standing along and walking with support , he can go to washroom alone without  any support.

At changthang few cases have left, during our visit most of the beneficiaries were not present at home,

 Two students from the school was not at school when we visit, teachers said they went to Leh, then on the same day we return back to Leh, there was still huge snow on the road.

 On the  way we have seen some wild animals; we called it SKIN in Ladakhi.


written by Othzer and Dorjay


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