Children need hope, they need REWA
Children need hope, they need REWA

Kargil team went to Zanskar for fieldtrip in September 2019


First of all I want to introduce our Rewa team coordinator Munchi Sajad, Physiotherapist Bilquis, Amaina, and Driver Hamid.


It really takes a long time due to bad condition of road and we take time to find the houses of the patient in Rangdum.


The first village we visited Rangdum the firstpatient name is C. D., she is 80 year old. Last year we gave crutches. She is using them and we do some exercise for her knee. Another patient is S. T., he is 21-year-old. As per his mother statement he is working in a hotel at Rangdum. We visit next village Aksho Yokma, this village too far away from the road. Her hygiene condition is not good, we clean her and we did some exercise stretching lower limb, shoulder ROM, toes flexion and extension, we presented her a shoe. We visit next village Chipa. The patient name is L. Y., she is 20 year old, she was playing with her sister. She is helping her sister at home, her hygienic condition is good and she showed her exercise. We gave some more exercise shoulder ROM, hand flexion and extension, flexion and extension of knee, stretching lower limb. We gave her warm clothes.


We left for Padum, there we stay in a hotel. Next day we visited village Zangla. Patient name is P. Y., she is 33-year-old. She was in a shelter outside the house. When we reach her house she was taken her breakfast. Her hygienic condition is not good, we clean her face. She has got some wound under her left arm and we clean the wound and put on the cream. And we gave some cotton, cream for her wound. We did some exercise for wrist mobilization, shoulder ROM etc. And we gave some warm cloth. Next patient is L. T., he is 28-year-old, he has concentration problem. We meet him in the field where he was irrigating in the field and his physical condition is very good. We gave shoes for him.


Then we left to Padum our next patient was S. L. He is 9 years old, when we reach his house, his mother told us he was going to school and then we visited his school and meet his teacher as per teacher report his reading and writing is not so progressive but he attends the school regularly. We presented trousers.


Next village was Pishu name is J. S., he is 16 years old. There is not any road connectivity. We walked on by foot for one hour after that we reached his home he is going to normal school. He was coming from school to lunch to his home we meet him at lunch time. Hygienic condition is good, we did some exercise shoulder ROM, stretching lower limb, toes flexion and extension. We gave AFO and trouser for him.


The next day we left for Sani village. There are two patient first patient name is Gonbo. He is 7 year old and his diagnosis is spastic CP ,when we reach his home he was with his father in the  field ,  hygienic  situation is good and his family takes good care of him , we did some exercise stretching lower limb ,breaching exercise, sitting to standing ,walking with support. We gave AFO and shoes for him.


Second patient is P. A., he is 19 year old and his diagnosis is Ataxia, he is going to normal school. When we reach his school he was reading. Hygienic condition is good and his teacher told us he has litter bit improved as compare to last year, we did some exercise side to side walking , back ward walking ,forward walking and fine motoric exercise. We gave AFO and cap for him.


 We visit last village Bakartse patient name is T. Y., she is 16 year old and we could meet her because she has gone to some another village. Finally we back to Kargil.


Best greetings from Kargil and thank you all for supporting us.
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