Children need hope, they need REWA
Children need hope, they need REWA

Important information for volunteers

Please read this catalog carefully and send in your application. Thank you!
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Agreement for volunteers 2018
Agreement for volunteers 2018.pdf
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Please download information for volunteers first, read and then send your application!

How to apply:

Short curriculum vitae                                                                              Photo (will not be returned)                                                                        Information about previous work and experience, hobbies, travels                  Possible time-periods for the voluntary service                                              Duration of the stay


Please send to: Mrs. Karola Wood, e-mail kinder(add)

Meeting for volunteers from Europe was held in Hamburg, Germany in January 2016. To prepare the volunteers for their task and the challenges of the culture we spend lots of time and effort. We also invite "Ex-Volunteers" to attend. They help with passing valuable information to the new volunteers. We challenge the volunteers to use international terms and ways of treatment, so the local staff will get customed to a high quality of standard for treatment.



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