Children need hope, they need REWA
Children need hope, they need REWA

Investing into the future of REWA: Lobzang goes for PT education

Lobzang in summer 2016

Lobzang is the sister of Rigzing-Stanzin, our first child we found way back in 20113 in Lingshed. I met Lobzang first in the mountains, a wild, untamed child, hardly visiting school, always chewing gum. Lobzang is now 19 years old.


Her mother Thugjay raised the two girls on her own, her husband had deserted her. Thugjay also took care of her old mother, who was living with them. They lived in extreme poverty in a broken and old house in remote Lingshed. Our visit changed their life forever. 2005 the small family moved to Leh and 2006 we employed Thujgay in REWA as housekeeper.

 Back then already I had the future of the family in mind. Lobzang was a healthy and bright girl and my thought was that she could provide later for her mother and disabled sister. So I looked for a sponsor in Germany and sent her to Moravian School for education. The diligent girl showed herself worthy of support, she always had great grades and now she is completing 12th class in all girl Lamdon school in Leh. Meanwhile her courageous mother bought a small house in Leh and had it transformed so she could house a disabled girl with no problem. It made their life so much easier. 


This year Lobzang will finish her 12th class. We had many discussions about her future and we talked about it with her mother and all the people responsible for REWA. Lobzang wants to study to become a Physiotherapist. She wants to get her B.P.T. at the Laxmi college in Mangalore. This is the same college where Dr. Stanzin Chokla M.P.T. went to get his degree in PT.

In February 2017 she is supposed to start her four year education in the south of India. Later she is expected to work for REWA and take over responsibilty.


We need help with her education. We estimated for four years everything including we will need 10.500 EUROs or 11.700 $ or about 8 Lakhs.

Monthly it will be 220 EU or 246 $ or 16.000 INR.


Please consider sponsering this project. You may give a one time donation towards this project or donate monthly. Please help to secure the future of REWA!!!


We will keep you update on the project and Lobzangs education regularly here in the website. Please write if you have questions.


Karola Wood, Founder and Director of Ladakh-Hilfe, August 2016

Lobzang with her mother and sister in summer 2016

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