Children need hope, they need REWA
Children need hope, they need REWA

      Zangskar field trip from 27th July to 1st August 2016


Rewa team went for Zanskar field trip. Team of Physiotherapists-Karolin, Katharina, Hamida and Norbu Supervisor of Rewa Society and also some of local donor namely Monika, Allis and Angchuk from Phyang.


1st day our team moved from Kargil  to Rangdu village, there we have two patients.


First patient, namely S. T., 5 years old. Hamida, Katharina and Karoline treated him and Norbu assisted them in translation and other form. He has improved a lot and especially after getting the therapy, he is now independent come to  his village school to home is very happy and our local Rewa member Angchuk promises him to bring the Mahabhodi school next year and he is love to come.


2nd  patient, namely S. T., he is 16 years old and he was not at home and also not at school because he had gone to his relative house for married party, which was far.


3rd patient, namely L. Y., 17 year old. Hamida, Katharina and Karoline treated her and Norbu assisted them in translation and now she don’t need any more therapy she is doing good we give to her one shoes and some cloth.


Next day we been to Zangla there we have one patient:

Namely P. Y., 34 years old. A good fact was that the lady from Netherland, who was with us, Monika, was a geriatric nurse. She bathed our patient P. Y. and also she gave some new clothes for her. After that our physio Hamida, Katharina and Karoline treated our patient. Monika did very good support for us doing the Zanskar field trip and also from her friend Allis and Angchuk too. They like to work with us as a local donor.


5th patient, namely R. D., 17 years old, she is going to school at Padum and she is in 9th class she is also doing very good and she is coming next year. There are plans for her to come to Leh to attend higher school so she may get a good education to support her family.


6th patient, namely S. T., 14 years old. There was nobody at home, then we ask to some villagers and they told us she become a nun, so we can’t see her.


Report by Norbu, Supervisor REWA Leh

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