Children need hope, they need REWA
Children need hope, they need REWA

Fieldtrip to Temisgam on September 1st

On 01st of September 2018 Rewa team went to Timesgang field trip


Team: Othzer, Marlo, and driver Thinles Tharchin


This is a second visit to Timesgang, Tia, Saspol and Himis shukpachan village for field trip.


First we visit to saspol village patient name Urgain there we did exercise like stretching, flexion, extension etc.

He is interested in singing a song, picking up so quickly every words of song through mobile.


After that we moved to Tia village to visit our second patient name Yangdol, she got lots of contracture in her lower limb, it’s very difficult to do stretching with her. Still done little bit mobilization and stretching. Trunk rotation and flexion, extension abduction and add.

She is mostly sitting on lotus position. Some time she used to sit on wheel chair.


Then we moved back to Timesgang to visit our third patient, another Urgain, he is studying in class 12th standard and he is doing well. Just need to follow up his exercises and growth of his right muscle.


Then we move to Lamdon school Timesgang to visit our fourth patient name Sangay, there we check his regular exercises but he need shoe rising for his right leg, he has shorten leg almost 4 cm.


Then we moved to Himis shukpachan to visit our fifth patient name Padma Gurmat but there is no body at home then we went to school to visit him, he did not came to school on day, one of teacher told us that he and his mother went to help their relative on the field.

Then we move back to Leh.



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