Children need hope, they need REWA
Children need hope, they need REWA

2 Fieldtrips to Sankoo in July 2018

1. Trip to Sankoo: Barkoo,Barsoo, Khandi, hamree,Thila and hamree thang 


The fieldtrip is separated in two days cause there are finally too many patients for one day.


Our REWA team is consisting of Hamid our driver, the local Physiotherapists Bilques, Hamida and  two volunteers Marlene and Veronika. We left in the morning in Kargil and drove with our REWA jeep to Sankoo. The first client we visited moved to the summer house in the mountains and we had to drive up there. It took quite a long time and we reached him at midday. Mohammed Harifa, he is 20 years old. He has a bilateral spastic CP, GMFCS II. First of all we washed him, to get rid of the dirt on his hands and feet. As he is walking barefoot and using his hands a lot they get dirty in the mountains soon. After that he got new clothes from REWA and ortho shoes and we could start with therapy. He is able to understand and he can communicate nonverbal. He is independent in all activities of the daily live and he has no current problems. We showed him 4 exercices for stretching, balancing and muscle strength in that way we gave him ideas for exercices he can do on his own.

The next patient was Shabir Hussain, he is living with his family in the village Thilla. He has a bilateral spastic CP, GMFCS III. The main problem is, that he can’t walk on his own without walking aid. His mother has to carry him on her back and as he is 15 years old, this is a big problem for her. We think it is possible for him to walk with an easy walking aid so we will try to get a simple walker for him. With the hope that he can walk short distances in the house in the future. He got a new shirt from us.

In the next village Khandi we visited Shar Banoo. She is 14 years old and has a bilateral spastic CP, GMFCS V. Most of the time she is lying on her back on the living room floor with pillows. Because of the laying position she has a decubitus on her sacrum and skinproblems in her genitals. First of all we told the parents to consult a doctor soon cause it seemed like she has pain. The second thing was to teach the parents how to make different positions for her. She is totally dependent on her family to change positions and she can’t speak, even the nonverbal communication is difficult and we’re not sure, how much she can understand by hearing. She got a new shirt from us and we really hope, the parents will listen to our advice.

After another drive through bumpy roads we reached Gulam Mehdi and his little sister Fatima Nisa in Brakoo. Gulam is understanding everything and a very brave and happy child even if he has a bilateral spastic CP, GMFCS IV. The structure of his feet has already so much changed that he is not able to walk anymore, even with a lot of support. But he can walk on his knees and his father showed us a few things they’re doing. It was wonderful to see both oft them playing and Gluam having so much fun. We gave the family a few more ideas how to support him. His sister Fatima is 3 years old and her father asked us to have a look for her. After a few tests for us it looked like a unilateral spastic  CP at the left side, GMFCS I. She is totally independent and has no problems. She is using her left hand naturally in her daily life and as we saw her she needs no therapy.

The next patient was Fezia, a girl with a bilateral spastic CP, GMFCS V. She is living with a difficult family background. Her father is really not compliant and was not listening to us therapists. Neverless we showed her father how to make a good sitting position possible for her. We showed possibilities how to play with a baloon and how exercices for her can look like.

In the neighbour house is another disabled child. His name is Mustafa Ali, he has a unilateral spastic CP at the right side. He is independent but he has balance problems and the walking is difficult sometimes. Therefore we showed him exercices for muscle strength, balancing, coordination and stretching fort he right lower limb. Finally we drafted all the exercices on a paper and gave him this as homework.

The last child for this day was Nisima Banoo. She was difficult to find as she is a orphaned child, living in a hostel. When we found her, we saw a happy girl 17 years old with a unilateral spastic CP, left side. Her main issue is running, as she has no proper shoes we try to get shoes for her, that she has the possibillity to run. She got a few homework exercices from us and a green scarf.

After this long day we finally drove back to Kargil and had „lunch“ at 7 o clock. We’re happy to reach so many of our clients and got most of all good feedback from the families.


Thank you for your support, without the donations fieldtrips like this would not be possible,


Best regards the REWA-team.

Sankoo and Stalpa Umba fieldtrip the second                                                      14/7/2018

On the next Saturday we started to the second part of the Sankoo Fieldtrip. The team was the same as the last time, Hamid the driver, Hamida, Bilquis and Mehmmod the local physiotherapists and we two volunteers Veronika and Marlene.

We’ve been glad, that the kids weren’t that far away as on the first Sankoo Fieldtrip, but our first patient we found, was sitting just beside the street in the middle of nowhere. That was not the way we thought it would started, but gladly there is an explanation for that. But let’s start from the beginning. So we spoke to him, and he could show us where his house is and that the mother is on the field right now. After a while the mother came and we started to wash him. He was in a bad hygienic situation and has a lot of tooth pain, but we talked a lot with his mother and her big problem is that Mohd Hassan is 17 years old (bilateral spastic CP GMFSC 5) now and has his own mind. So he crawls where he wants to go and she is washing him every week (yes for here it’s often). He also doesn’t want to brush his teeth. We explained him, that is absolutely necessary to brush his teeth and we gave him new clothes.
The next patient was Rubba, she is 21 years old (unilateral spastic CP left GMFSC 2) and sadly she was really really afraid of us. We think it was about Veronika and Marlene then they are staying in the other room, but she cried the whole time. Actually she is quite independent and need only support from the family for the hygienic care. So we showed her some exercises for the arms and shoulders because they are very stiff.
Fatima Sougra is 14 now and has a( bilateral spastic CPGMFSC 5). The Main problem is like for every kid here that they always just lay around. The last year the family got the homework to sit her in a good position but the parents said that Fatima always cries when she is sitting. So we showed the parents how they can get her in a proper positioning in that Fatima feels comfortable. We also give the homework to play with the air balloon that she need to reach the arms high up and stretches and strengthen her body.
So after Fatima Sougra we looked for Abass Ali, but sadly he died 2 months ago.
The next was far away and we reached Akbar Ali few minutes later, he is 12 now and has a Syndrome we actually don’t know. The problem is, that he is living in his own world and we don’t know what he really can see, hear, feel and recognize from the environment. The parents were ashamed because Abass is scratching himself and also hitting so he has a lot of scars, but we explained that Abass has a big problem with his. We gave them also some homework to improve Abass perception.
Our last special kid for the Sankoo Fieldtrip was Lella Banoo with bilateral spastic CP. She is able to stand and she can walk on the hand. The next time we need to bring a simple walker that she is more independent and can walk short distances in the house and maybe outside. We also gave her some exercises for stretching and strengthening the shoulders and arms.
There were 4 other kids on our list but sadly they weren’t at home. So we went back to Kargil. On the way back home we stopped for a picnic with homecooked chicken and mixed vegetables and just enjoyed, on a review, the good day in Sankoo.

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