Children need hope, they need REWA
Children need hope, they need REWA

          Panikhar Namsuru Block Fieldtrip  

  On 8th and 9th of June 2017 Rewa team (Mathi and Mehmood) went to Phanikhar Block Fieldtrip


 1st patient name M.A. R/o Acambore age 8year year, diagnose is Cp we exercise proper walking and telling parents to try to walk with help and standing with support knee walk with wall support.


3rd patient: T.A., Age 9year, R/o achambore, diagnose Cp. We did exercise proper walking four-foot position, knee standing, walking wall support. Now he good improves for walking he can do but wilding gate.


4th Patient clothing patient name R. B., R/o Acambore   Diagnose Foot deformity. Parents don’t want treatment.


5th Clothing patient name N. R/o Kochic, Diagnose MR, we give him cape.


6th Patient name A. B. R/o Choskore, Diagnose Congenital orthopaedic Deformity, did some exercise for the legs, try knee standing side to side, walking flexion, extension both legs, try to stand with help, also showing parents She going to school and is in 10th class. Planned HKFO. 

7th Patient Name: K.F. female, Age:12 year, diagnose: Cp, we did some exercise sitting on window with pillow support and walking with help one person move feet showing parents, planned is a cp chair  

8th patient I. A. brother of K., Age 10year Diagnosis Hemi. I did some exercise for his arm pronation, supination grabbing small stones and have him put them alternating in another hand. We tell his parents do more exercise at home. Planned fine motoric game.      

9th patient name is F. N. female,  R/O Namsuru Diagnose? Burned injury with complication. Mathi did some exercise and massage on her hand  because of flex fingers. Planned: surgery       


 10th patient she is our new patient this year Name N. B. R/o Youljuck, diagnose speech problem, age 7year, muscle weakness lower limb. We ask family to make an EMG test.    


 12th patient Name: A. A. age 3 year, diagnose Cp, we show his parents do at home e.g. walking stars with help.


13th patient S. A. R/O Youljock, diagnosisMR, clothing patient. 


14th patient G. M., age 13 year, R/o Portichy, diagnose ? He got surgery

last year for hip joint now he uses plaster cast. Planned: Higher Shoes right side. 


15th patient name M., age 3year six month, R/O Putichy, diagnose Cp, we did sum exercise rolling both side and try to four foot position. We show the parents have to do at home knee stand with window.  Planned Cp chair


 Mehmood Hussain Supervisor Rewa Kargil





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