Children need hope, they need REWA
Children need hope, they need REWA

Kargil REWA Team takes Panikar Fieldtrip on August 3rd and 4th

Our team consisted of Hamid our driver, local Physiotherapists Hamida, Bilquis and Mahmood and the two volunteers Marlene and Veronika. We left to Phanikhar at 8am from Kargil.


The first client we visited lives in Thulus Pursa. He is a new patient. His name is Mansoor, he is 23 years old and his diagnosis is stroke. First we asked him about his problems and how he handles his life. Then we showed him some exercises like one-leg-standing, tandem-standing and shoulder mobilization. We gave him socks and sunglasses, because his eyes hurt and are red from the sun and wind.


The next patient lives far away in Kochik. It wasn’t easy to find her house and we reached it at midday. The patient’s name is Hakima and she is 15 years old. We find out that she has Epilepsy, a Hemiplegia left side and her main problem is mental retardation. Her hygienic situation is not good. She didn’t want to get washed and it wasn’t easy to talk with her because she is not able to concentrate. It wasn’t possible to work with her because every time we touched her she got afraid. Her brother told us that it is really hard to make exercises with her because of her mental retardation. So we tried our best and we gave her a scarf.


At the next place we had two patients, so we separated our team. Bilquis and Veronika went to Taslim Arif. He is an 8 year old boy who lives with his parents and two sisters. He has a bilateral dystonic CP, GMFCS 2-3. He walked with a walker and without shoes. So we gave him shoes and his walk became so much better because his foot is more stabilized this way. He is a really awake and smiley child and the shoes made him even happier. Hamida, Mahmood and Marlene went to Mohammad Ali. He is 8 years old and has a bilateral dystonic CP. He puts a wheelchair in front of himself to stay safe. His mother is exercising with him. She holds his hands and walks with him. We gave him shoes and the next time we will bring a walker.


When we were looking for our patients in the village we also found a new patient. Her name is Sideqa and she is 14 years old. We tried to find out her diagnosis. So we asked her mother about her problems, what she can do and what she can’t. She has been to a doctor but he didn’t write a diagnosis. We were not able to find a diagnosis either. Then we visited the next patient in the same village. Her name is Sameena Banoo, aged about 20 year. She has hip dysplasia on the right side and we showed her some light strengthening exercises.  


After that we went to another village named Tringochey where we found a new patient named Zahra Banoo, aged 26 years. She has been diagnosed with stroke. When we asked her sister about her history she said that two years ago she got married but after one year her husband suddenly passed away due to which she was getting so tense after some time. Due to this she suffered a stroke in 2015. She got hospitalized in Skims Soura hospital in Srinagar and in there she was in coma for 22 days and got treatment. At that time she was pregnant. Her family explained that she would need to go for a checkup every two months to Skims Soura but due to the financial problem they cannot afford this. After that we showed her some exercises like bridging, passive movements, strengthening and a good positioning.


Afterwards we visited our next patient Asia Banoo. She is 19 years old. Her diagnosis is congenital orthopedic deformity. That is why she can only walk with her knees bent. With support in front of her she is able to do some work in the kitchen. She passed 10thclass this year. She is our last patient of the first day.


Finally we finished our first day fieldtrip. After that we came back to Damnsa Panikhar for our stay.


The next morning we started our second day of the Phanikhar fieldtrip. First we visited a village called Numsuroo. There we found our first patient named Kaneez Fatima, aged 13 years. She has bilateral spastic CP. Her mother said she has no time for caring for Kaneez because she is alone in her house and that is why she has a lot of work and when we asked her mother she said Kaneez is alone in the house the whole day lying in her bed. We showed Kaneez’ mother a good positioning for her.


After that we looked after her brother Imtiyaz Ali, aged 18 year old. His diagnosis is hemiplegia left. Now he is going to school and he is independent in all ADLS. He is doing better than last year.


Our next patient we visited was Toyeba, aged 26 years. She has a tumor in the left side of the brain. She has a walker but it is too heavy for her. The main problem for her is that she has difficulties with swallowing. We showed her some exercises and some good positioning. We plan to bring her a better walker the next time.


After that we visited the next patient Tohira, aged 20 year. Her diagnosis is unknown. When we reached her house she was not there. She got married and moved to her husband’s house.


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All Rewa Team





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