Children need hope, they need REWA
Children need hope, they need REWA

Nubra Fieldtrip in September 2015


On 14th of September 2015 Rewa team went to Nubra fieldtrip. The team reached our first patient 11 o clock name T. D.,  but he is not at home, his mother is at home she told us he went to some of friend house.

Then  we moved to second patient name L. G.. We met him at home, he was in a good mood and we started exercisse in sitting position and did out reached activities using both hands, we tried low kneeling for trunk control and head control.

1,oclock we moved to third patient name small T. D.. We met him at school in Sumur govt. high secondary school. He is fine and he showed us all exercises and he is doing well. We said he should concentrate his balance exercises, then we moved to Diskit.

Next day 7 oclock we went to Bokdang village fourth patient name S. K. We repeated the exercises at school and we showed the stretching on the wall and walking on the line, stairs he do well.

 Fifth patient name S. A. was visited and we repeated balance exercise and standing on the wall stretch, did longitudinal arch stretching for his feet.

 Six patient name G.A., we met him outside with his brother and we gave them warm clothes.

Our last patient D. A., but she is also not at home.


The team is Rinchen, Luna and Dorjay. 


Reports by Norbu Supervisor Rewa Ladakh                                                 


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