Children need hope, they need REWA
Children need hope, they need REWA

Nubra and Changtang Fieldtrip in March 2018

Team has visited Nubra and changthang in the month of March, this year we plan field trip earlier because children’s were not able to receive at REWA centre due to destruction of the road for the installation of drainage system and water pipeline.

So we have decided for fieldtrip and home visit till the completion of the connectivity.


Achievement and challenges:

Achievement: team has visited the Nubra and Changthang Valley and meet with the children’s and family of those who is receiving the services from Rewa society. Most of the children’s and parents are able to do the home base exercises, but some require a sustain feedback and support to continue the exercise, interested parents were advised to continue their child for therapy at Leh if possible, team also disseminate about Rewa future plan for the kids.

This summer in the month of July we got a operation theatre  of SNM Hospital for two days, we will organise a  surgery camp at Leh, team has identified some cases from Nubra and Changthang for the surgical intervention on their level, final screening will done at  Leh by orthopaedic surgeon,


Challenges: weather was too cold, team got sick at the end!


Report by manager Dorjay


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