Children need hope, they need REWA
Children need hope, they need REWA

Nubra fieldtrip in June

It was another great year for the Rewa team, I Rinchen along with Michael (photographer) and Lobzang ( driver) visited Nubra valley to meet our patients on 29th of June 2018.


We meet our first patient ( Tundup Gyalson) on the same day.He was not welcoming our visited at first. It took a while for us to convience him because he was not ready for the therapy,then  we photographed him, he seems cheerfull after that and he even did some exercise.


Later that day we meet our second patient ( Tsering Dorjay ) he has improved a lot . He was happy with our visited and even served us with food. He was helping with the household chore.We photographed him.


Lastly on the same day we visited our third patient ( Diskti Angmo) now she is persuing her studies in a higher secondary school in Sumur ( Nubra ) and is studying in 11th standard, she was having her class that day so we photographed her with her classmates, we got know from her that she is doing exercise regularly. She was in need of orthopadic shoes so we gave her those shoes. She is doing fine by herself in school and at home as well. 

On 30th of june 2018 team visited to gunesthang village and meet our patient (Gulzar.)He was happy to see us .Then his mother served us some ladakhi dishes and dry apricot .After that we had done some exercise by him and we photographed him .Then we gave some clothes for him and he was very happy. 


On same day we visited our patient (Asak)at his home and he well come us happily .There we had tea with his family .We had done some exercise.and we saw that he was not improved much.Then we photographed him.


Later on the  same day we visited our patient (Fiza batool) at school in gunesthang village .She came out of the class to meet us.Then we took some photograph.After that we taught her some stretching for her neck.


Then on same day we visited our patient (Shabir Ali)at there home.We had done some stretching for his lower limbs and also done some exercise for upper limbs.Then we photographed him.


Finally we moved to Changmar village and meet our patient (sulman khan) at home. We had done balance exercise and gait training.He remember all his previous exercises and we took photograph.Then we go back to hotel. Then next day we moved to Leh....


 Written by

Rinchen Dolker


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