Children need hope, they need REWA
Children need hope, they need REWA

Nubra Fieldtrip June 11, 2015

Rewa team went to Nubra field trip on 11th of June.

Participants: Team of Physio Othzer, Kunzang and Eva.

At 6 am team moved from Leh to Nubra and reach at 11am at Sumur village at the pass there was a snow fall.

Then team went to our first patient name T. D., incomplete spinal injury. But he was not at home because of on his right foot got inflammation and went to Disket hospital.

After that team moved to Youlkham village to visit our second patient name T. N. but he was also not at home due to stomach pain they went to Sumur hospital to check up. Then team move back to Chamshen village to visit our third patient and he got pass in class 9th and moved to Sumur higher secondary school and team visit him at Sumur higher secondary school and check his exercises and gave him some new exercises and colours for using right hand.

After that team visit again to our second patient at hospital but we cannot do any exercises and just gave him shoe. Then team moved to Disket village at guest house and had a one hour brake, after that went to our fourth patient name D. A., there the team checked her leg and exercises and did some leg stretching, exercises and gave one pant and scarf.

Then team visit T. D. at his sisters placeat Disket village who is our first patient in this field trip to check his leg but Dr. did dressing at his foot, so we cannot do anything but to encourage him, which is alot!

After that  the team visit our fifth patient name J. P., he is improved a lot. His mother is coming with him to RAC for one month. Then the team came back to guest house.

Next day team moved to Turtuk, Bokdang, Changmarvillage.

In Bokdang village team visit three patient name’s Ali brothers and Shabir Ali we visit him at school and checked his both feet and did some exercises for his feet. Then we did survey in Turtuk village team didn’t get any new patient for the therapy. Then the team visit Changmar village to check patient S. K. and gave shoes to him and also we teach him some new exercises.

Then team move back to Disket village……

Next morning team move back to leh…….


Reports by Norbu Supervisor Rewa Leh.

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