Children need hope, they need REWA
Children need hope, they need REWA

Short report on Changthang/Nubra  field in August 2018

On 21th of August travel to Nubra for field visit. On the first day they have visited new child Stanzin Chyong S/o Tsewang from Sonamkhangsar in Nubra Valley. They have assessed the child and make a therapy plan; the child is identified as a cerebral palsy. On the same day they have donated a wheel chair to the child.

As per team, they have suggested that a child need a frequent of physiotherapy, currently they have given training on basic home base therapy to the mothers and advised to visit Leh REWA centre for receive quality and effective services. Mother is interested, but due to family circumstances they are not able to come.

On the next day they have visited Changthang via Shayock in which they have visited an adult monk patient, they have added new exercises, he is doing a regular exercises  what we shown.

He was asking for installation of railing at his home so that he can go along to the bathroom/toilet alone and also, he can go outside for sun during the winter.

This time they have met with 7 children with disabilities, during their visit they have met most of the kids, only one child they haven’t met because they went to the field along with the parents.


This field trip was for Changthang only,we met this Nubra child specially.



Frequent visits are requiring to the children with disabilities at community level to have a better result. Some parents discuss to the team that they are not able to do the proper exercises, sometimes they fear to get worse with the wrong exercises.


Team includes:

Othzer, Chokla, and his friend

Chokla and his friend assist Othzer voluntarily during the field visit.




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