Children need hope, they need REWA
Children need hope, they need REWA

Fieldtrips to Chiktan and Drass in July, 2016

                                Mulbekh and Chiktan Fieldtrip 


  On 19th and 20th of July 2016 Rewa team (Mehmood and Karolin) went Chiktan Block Fieldtrip

First day team went to Chictan to visit our first patient named is Z. B. D/O G. M.. His diagnose CP, age 15, we did mobilisation of both legs and arms. Showing parent bally position and spine position with straight the leg not in bucket. Planed CP chair 

2nd patient name H. R/o K., age 13year s/o M. M.   Diagnose is Hemi, we exercise proper walking and telling parents to use both hands in daily life .he going to school 8th standard ,  planed find motoric game.

3rd patient ;M.  Age 18 year s/o G. A.  R/o  K., diagnose Hemi we exercise proper walking and shoulder mobilised and telling parents to use both hands in daily life .he going to school  8th. class

 4th and 5th patient:  U. and A. B., they are two sisters, their diagnosis is CP, Age 13year and once 11year, we did some exercise four-foot position walking bridging and mobilization of legs, sum exercise show her mother to do at home. Planning the surgery camp for this year.

6th patient Name: M. M.i S/o Ali M.I., Age:5year. Diagnose: Cp He was not at home.

7th patient name –: Clothing patient M. s/o A. R., Age 10year, Diagnosis Speech We meet the family and give him a jacket, he was happy about it. 

8th   patient name is Z. H., S/O M. R. R/O S., Diagnose? Karolin did some exercise for walking and show her parents like step by step walking.

9th patient Name H. K. S/O M.., age 20year, Diagnose CP, normally he can walk with help. We show her parents some exercise like knee walking with wall support side to side. We give him shoes. Planed: Crutch next time       

 10th patient Name N. A., his diagnose is Hemiplegia, Age 12year, R/O M., he is surgery case on 7th of August do surgery for our European doctors.

 11th patient Name; H. s/o N., age 6 year, Diagnose CP. We did some exercise for standing, walking and mobilisation of legs. Planned to bring crutch and hip knee ankle orthosis.

12th patient P.F. D/O J. A. R/O C., Diagnosis CP and MR. We did some exercise for rolling both side without help and knee standing with window support knee standing. 

13th patient Name S. A., Age 28 year S/o A. H. R/o C.  Diagnose  MR. We brought shoes that did not fit, it is planned to bring another pair for him. 


 Mehmood Hussain Supervisor Rewa Kargil

       On 22th of July 2016 Rewa team went Drass Block Fieldtrip


First day team went to Drass to visit our first patient named is A. G., Age two months S/O G. N, Diagnosis (?)He is a new patient. The parent consulted Doctor in district hospital Kargil. He has a club foot left side, now he uses plaster cast for forming, it is changed after 20days. 

2nd – S. B., her diagnose is Hemiplegia. We arrived and saw our patient she is very happy. Karolin   did some exercise    for her both legs and also suggest some new exercise for her both legs.

3rd patient: Name A. A. S/o G. A. R/o D., Age7 years.  Diagnose; CP, He is dependent for all ADL. I and Karolin did some exercise for her hand and both leg and also walking with help. We instruct the parent and showed some exercise like Knee Standing on wall support side to side walk. Planned: Orthotic fitment.

4th patient name is S. B. D/O M. I., Age14 R/o D., Diagnose is speech problem she is going to school 4th standard and we give her shoes.


 Mehmood Hussain Supervisor Rewa Kargil


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