Children need hope, they need REWA
Children need hope, they need REWA

Fieldtrip to Temisgam on April 15th, 2016

After long winter Rewa team start first field trip to Temisgan.

On 15th of April 2016 Rewa teams move to Temisgang field trip around 7am.

Physio  Wilma , Othzer, Kunzang ,Chuskit and our driver Tsewang .

After one hour we reached at Nimoo valley there we had breakfast. After that the team moved to Saspol valley.


There we went to our first patient name U. R., diagnosis is MR but he was not at home, his mom told us that he got pain in tooth and they went to Leh hospital.


After that we moved to Timesgang valley to check our patients there we divided in two group: Kunzang and Wilma with driver went to Charcharpa to see a patient with the name S. Y., diagnosis CP bilateral. First we checked her structure and did some exercises for both arms, hip rotation and both leg stretching. We gave her one jacket and she was very happy.


Second patient visited by Chuskit and Othzer was J. T.. Her diagnosis cp bilateral (heavy scoliosis with rotation) she get more worse year by year. Therapy is not possible, so we put her on as a care patient.


After that they visited S. Y., her diagnosis unilateral cp. Her regular exercise she is doing well, so we told her to do more exercise at home and we showed her some new exercise We also gave one sweater for her.


Then we visited S. J. at school. We checked his foot and we decided to give him rising shoes 4cm to correct his body posture, he is doing other all ADL by himself.


After that we visited U. C. at home.  His diagnosis is polio.

He is doing very well and his foot is better than before, so we decided to give him orthopedic  shoes.


Then the team moved to Hemishukpachan. We meet our patient at a field. We checked him and showed some exercise to mother. We hope she will do the exercise and we explain his parents to bring him to leh during surgery camp for check up, we gave him one pair of orthopedic shoes .


Then team moved to Liker village and we went to see a patient, but he is not at home. Then team moved back to Leh and arrived there around 6 30 pm.


Report by Othzer

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