Children need hope, they need REWA
Children need hope, they need REWA

Tangtse Fieldtrip  November 17th


Rewa team went to Tangtse field trip on 17th of November 2015. Physiotherapist Rinchen and Norbu, Supervisor of Rewa Ladakh. At 8.30 am team moved from Leh to Tangtse and we reaced to Shayok village at 1.00pm. There we saw two patients.

1>   first patient Namely K. T., Monk 37th year old  R/o Shayok, we meet him at his home with his sister ,we checked his all exercises  which is we tought him last time. He is doing very good, then our physio Rinchen tought him one new exercises (core stability).


2>  And next patient also same village namely T. N. He is also monk and he is 25th years old, all the summer time he was at RAC Leh. This time  he is at home because of his grandmother has died. He is doing very good, every year he is improved lot.  


3>  After that we went to Spangmik and stayed  in a  house stay,  that is the first day of Tangtse Field Trip and second day we started 10am from Spangmik to Man Merak,  there we have three patients.


4>  Namely S. L., 17th year old. Our team repeated the exercises with her all the time and she is very happy with us. Now she is gtting better than before. She is also having Amchi medicine for joint pain.   


5>  Namely S. D., 23 year old she is spastic CP. We checked her arms and legs, she had elbow contracture and knee contracture. She got worse and we gave some clothes. We did stretching exercises for lower limbs.  

6>  Namely R. Y., 20 year old. She is doing very good, now she improved a lot. Now she is 10th  standard and she has her exam.


Reports by Thinles Norbu Supervisor Rewa Ladakh.



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