Children need hope, they need REWA
Children need hope, they need REWA

Drass Fieldtrip on 29th September 2018


First of all I want to introduce our REWA-Team which was on the Drass fieldtrip. Our team consisted of Hamid our driver, the local Physiotherapists Hamida, Mahmood and the volunteer Janine.

On Saturday the 29.09.2018 we left in the morning at 8am from Kargil to Drass.


Our first patient lives in Kharboo. Mohammed Ismael is 5 years old and his diagnosis is bilateral cerebral palsy.  He has two brothers and six sisters. Ismael came to REWA last year but his village is sadly too far away from Kargil. This year no one of his family members stayed in Kargil, so it was not possible for him to come to school.  He is a very intelligent boy and he is able to speak. His main Problem is that he has contraction in his knees and ankles. Last year the REWA Team put him on a list for the surgery but the doctors did not come. Hopefully we can manage it next year.

In the end we showed his mother and grandfather some exercises how to stretch and mobilize his legs, how to do high kneeling, standing and how to train his fine motoric skills in his right hand.


After that we went to the next village called Shimsha Kharboo. Our patient was Irfan Ali, a 18 year old boy. We asked about his history and his parents told us, that he had a surgery for his knee contractures ten years ago.  But they did not get a post operation treatment. That is why Irfan has contractures in his knees again. His mother is very busy and cannot do the exercises we showed her last year, so we haven’t showed her new one. But therefore we showed Irfan some active movements for his elbows and knees. He is a very active child.

We told his mother about the REWA Society but at that moment his father was not at home. We are going to inform him on his mobile phone. Maybe he is able to live in Kargil so that Irfan can come to REWA for getting therapy and schooling.


The next place was the village Saniyal. There we had three patients, so we separated our team.  Hamida and Janine went to a family which as two disable daughters.  Their names are Muniza and Rubina Banoo.

We started with Muniza, a 29 years old woman. She has the diagnosis cerebral palsy. She has also problems with her eyes so it is hard for her to dress herself. We told her to consult a doctor to check her eyes. She is able to crawl and grap with her hands. We showed her a way to go to the high kneeling position, but she needs a little bit support to change her position and she is not able to hold this difficult position.


Her sister Rubina is very active and mostly independence. She can crawl, stand and walk with crutches. Her old crutches were damaged so we gave her a new pair.


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