Children need hope, they need REWA
Children need hope, they need REWA

Kargil team visits Drass in September

On 23rd of September 2017, we visited a beautiful town named Drass. We reached there at 11am. And visited many patients in different villages. Following are the names of the old patients along with their detailed description of exercises that our team made them to do.


  • S. B.: We made her to do breathing exercise and  exercise for calf muscle . With the support of therapist she was able to stand on one leg .
  • I. A.: With knee standing position , we made him to play ball with the help of wall support . Our next move, was to make him play with the ball while sitting on lotus position.
  • A. G: We gave him splint and made him to walk . And also gave him cap.


Also, one of the old patient named S. B., who has speech problem was not  present at home, when we went to visit her.

During our fieldtrip we also met new patients named R. B., H. A., M. B., I. and Il.. Amongst them, for R. we gave her crutches, for M. we made her to exercise that will help her to stand on her own. And for H. A. we made him to stretch both legs and then later we made him to sit on lotus position with the support of pillow .

One of the surgery patient that we met was T. F. at her home. We had a good conversation with her as well as with her family.


The day which started at 11:00 am ended successfully by 6:00 pm. Its always a wonderful experience meeting the old and the new patients.


The team Bilquis , Mehmood and Hamida .




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