Children need hope, they need REWA
Children need hope, they need REWA

Drass Fieldtrip in June 2015

On 6th of June 2015  Rewa team went Drass Block Fieldtrip


First day team went to Drass  to visit our first patient named is R. B., her diagnosis was Cerebral Palsy. We found put that she passed away one week ago.

Second patient – S. B. her diagnose is Hemiplegic. We arrived and saw our patient, she is very happ .  Mathilde and Bilquees did some exercise  for her both legs and also suggest some new exercise for her both legs.

Third patient-R. B., her diagnosis CP, she was not at home,

Forth patient: Z. A., diagnosis CP. We meet the parents and they tell us that he passed away two month ago.

Then team moved back to Dohngic village patient name K.B., diagnose is speech proble. Wwe give her tooth brush and book.

Sixth patient Name: M. H., age:5years, diagnose:Cp. I and Mathilde  did some exercise rolling both side and training four foot position.

Seventh patient : H. B., age 19 years,  diagnose C.  She is independent for all his ADL. She is living with her parents and has 5 siblings. One of her elder sister and young brother has somephysical   deformity,  others  are normal and going to school. Those  two sisters will be  our surgery patient 2015. We shows her mother some exercise.

Eight patient Name : A.B. diagnose :speechproblems. We give her teeth brush and clothes.

 Ninth patient : Name H. A., Age:7 years, diagnose CP. He needs help with sitting and rolling position., Receptive is good but expressive is very poor. Mathilde, Bilquees and Hamida did some exercises and showed his mother some exercises and we give him Shoes.

Tenth patient: Name N. F., Diagnose: CP, she was not at home.

Eleventh Patient: Name A. A. ,Age7 years, diagnose CP  He is dependent for all ADL.

Bilquees and Hamida did some exercise with her hand and both legs. We also gabe him shoes and book.

Twelfth patient: Name is I. A., Age13 years, diagnose: Hemiplegia  He was not at home .

Thirteent patient: S. A. Age 6 years, diagnose CP, but  he was also not at home .


 Mehmood Hussai, Supervisor Rewa Kargil

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