Children need hope, they need REWA
Children need hope, they need REWA

Chicktan Fieldtrip 2018



First of all I want to introduce our REWA-team while the Chicktan fieldtrip.  There are the two volunteers Marlene and Veronika and the local physiotherapist Bilquis, Hamida and me and of course our driver Hamid.

First of all we visit a Chicktan village named Kushuchay Chicktan. Here we looked for our first patient Hassan Khan. He is 19 years old and has a GMFCS level IV. He told us, that his main problem is his back pain. Even though he is able to crawl everywhere he wants, but he has no motivation to move much on his own. So he stays inside all the time. Sadly he would be able to walk with a walker but is too afraid to fall and he also doesn’t want to learn it. Because of his laziness we only gave him an exercise for his back pain.

It is very regret full to mention that his two brothers are also disabled. One of his brothers with the name Murtaza Ali is about 13 years old. He is mentally impaired and he has also a left eye problem. That’s why Murtaza is afraid of the sun. His mother told us that some time he lives without food and sleep for 5 or 6 days. She also narrated that he don't listen to anybody but sometimes he can understand a little bit. He is not going to school but he can walk and perform his daily life activity. In summer he has a lot of pain in his whole body, but more in the right side than in the left. Physiotherapy treatment is not possible because of the bad mental retardation.

After that we observed his third brother of the siblings. He was also psychologically impaired. He sleeps around the clock, wrapped in a blanket and don’t communicate to anyone.

Our next patient was Fatima Sogra. She is 11 years old and has a hemiparesis on the left side. She also has a speech problem. Her shoulder is very stiff, so we showed her one exercise to mobilize her upper limb and also something for the coordination and balancing of the lower limb.

Afterwards we visited our next two patients in one household. These two are Umme Farwa and Aatiya Banoo. At first we observed Umme Farwa who was diagnosed as cerebral palsy by birth. But it’s worth to mention here that she performs her domestic works even though of her physical impairment. She studies in the 8th standard and she need to walk 7 km to school every day. Gladly she has no pain even though of her bad deformity of the spine and the knee. We showed some exercises for the mobility of her spine. The cat and camel exercise with lifting one hand and one leg and vice versa. She needs a orthesis for her knee.

Then we treated her 11 year old sister Aatiya Banoo, also with CP by birth. Here it’s quite the same. Aatiya has also no pain, works diligent at home and join her big sister for the walk to school. But here she is also carrying the schoolbag for Umme. We offered her breathing exercises and shoulder mobilization. We donated two scarfs for these two children.

After that we returned back to Kargil and on the way back we visited one patient in Mulbekh named Nawaz Ali. As we reached in his residence he was sadly not present at that time. And we waited for some time, but he didn’t come. So after a good day spending in the car and looking after our special children of Ladakh, we finally we arrived at Kargil at 7pm.

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