Children need hope, they need REWA
Children need hope, they need REWA

2nd day of Chiktan fieldtrip on September 1st

Chicktan Fieldtrip 2nd day 01/09/2018


First of all I want to introduce our REWA-team while the 2nd day of the Chicktan fieldtrip.  There were the two volunteers Marlene and Steffi and the local physiotherapist Bilquis, Mehmood and our driver Hamid.


First patient we visited was Muntazir. He is 8 years old and has a GMFCS level IV. His diagnose is Bilateral Spastic CP and we did some exercise with him and showed some exercises to his grandfather. He likes the therapy and his grandfather said that they are doing some exercises at home. The grandfather will send Muntazir to REWA school. Muntazir is staying at the house of his parents but it is very dirty.


After that we visited our next patients in a school. Mohammad is 20 years old and his diagnosis is Hemiparesis left side. We met him in the school. We remind him to use his left side as much as possible in everyday activities but he can do nearly everything only using his right side, so we do not think he will do it. We also told the teacher to remind Mohammad sometimes to use his weaker side too. He falls quite often because of the weakness in his left side. We gave him shoes and a soft ball to train his left side.


After that we visited our next patient Hussain. He is 15-year-old and his diagnosis is Hemiplegia left side. We also met him in school. He is totally independent, and he uses his left hand a lot. We also found a new patient in the same school. Her name is Nusrat. We were not able to talk to the parents. She is 6 years old and her diagnosis is Hydrocephalus.


The next patient was Zahara Batool, she is 18 years old and her diagnosis is Bilateral Spastic CP we met her in the house and she was in lying position on that time. Her hygienic condition of her mouth was really bad, and she has bad contractures in many joints so she cannot sit.


The next patient we found is a new patient called Maqsoma. She is 10 years old. She recently had a Tuberculosis Meningitis and due to this she his balance problems and problems with seeing. We told the parents to give her some work to do, so that she is motivated. She should also try to write and read and to walk as much as possible. We also told the parents that the symptoms can get better but maybe a few can also stay.


Our last patient was Hassanain. He is 9 years and was diagnosed with Bilateral Spastic CP. We did some exercises with him like walking with support. We also tried to stabilize his neck with scarfs. His mother will come to therapy at REWA once a week from now on, that is why we will not visit him again on a fieldtrip.


Thank you and regards

Bilquis Fatima

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