Children need hope, they need REWA
Children need hope, they need REWA

2. Fieldtrip to Temisgam End of May


 On 30 of May 2015 Rewa team went to Temisgang field trip.

                                            The team comprised by:

1. Rinchen Dolker (Physiotherapist) 2. Kunyang Dolma (Physiotherapist)

3. Heinz Juergen Eichhorn, Engineer 4. Gisela Eichhorn, Occupational therapist

5. Tsewang Dorjay (Driver)


Around 10.55am  the team reach our first patients house and patient name S. Y., diagnosis is Cp bilateral. We change the position of sitting we test the position moving in the legs then we tried to loose/release the knees and the feet ,she can sit in a wheel cheer, but her chair is not adapted on her size, so she cannot move her chair by her self.

Then team moved to 2nd patient namely J. T., diagnosis Cp bilateral. Her     structure is getting worse, first we check her position, her left hand and wrist got more contracture. We test the possible moving, and then we are working with traction from the feet and later from the head for better breathing. The we did mobilisation of the feet, hands, knee and feet.


3rd patient is going to school and her name is S. Y., dignosis unilateral Cp , problem is the left hand in gripping, she use not often the left hand, she needs more bilateral coordination. Skipping, jumping, to throw the ball for exercise. We brought a squeezing ball to train the left arm and hand. 


Then team moved to brunch of Lamdon school, there we have two patient named S. J. and U. C.. We checked  UC. hip alignment and decided to make 3cm shoe rising, he has no problem in ADL later he can get a scolosis , when he runs longer time, he gets pain. And also for S. J.  we have measure the right leg, from knee to foot the difference to the left leg is 8 cm. He can do all he wants, at the time no problem in ADL. We gave ortho shoes.


The team moved to 6th patient his name is P. G. from Himis Shukpachan. His problem with his right side with his balance, the right leg is in rotation, also the knee the leg has no power.

After that team moved to Liker village there we one patient namely T.  N. He is  4 year old, we check his feet and also hole body from head to the feet , there we saw scolosis and hip luxation. He is going to school he will be in RAC during the summer vocation after that we will send you his proper report.


Reports by

Kunzang and Rinchen Physiotherapist of Rewa

Norbu Supervisor Rewa.


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