Children need hope, they need REWA
Children need hope, they need REWA

1st fieldtrip to Temisgam in March 2015

On 13 of March 2015 Rewa team went to Temisgang field trip.

The team comprised by:

1. Thinley Othzer (Physiotherapist

2. Tina (Physiotherapist)

3. Kathi (Special Educator)



Around at 11am team reach our first patient house name Char Char pa and patient name S. Y., diagnosis is Cp bilateral. Check her previous exercises doing by her mother and showed some exercises too.


Then team moved to 2nd patient name J. T., diagnosis Cp. Her structural  setting was getting worse, first we check her position, her left hand and wrist got more contracture. Then we change her position from lying position to lotus position and she got happy with that. Team want to put her on special chair which we gave to her but they don’t use on it. And team told her grandmother to use this chair.


3rd patient is going to school and her name is S. Y., diagnosis muscular dystrophy Cp. We repeated  the exercises they showed last time.

We brought a squeezing ball to train the left arm and hand.

We showed mobilization for her left arm and how to massage the left biceps.


Then team moved  Lamdon school of Temisgang there we have two patient named S. J. and U. C.. We give shoes to U. C. and check his hip alignment and decided to make 1cm shoe rising, and also for S. J., he needs also shoe rising around 6-7 cm on one side.

Then team move back to Leh…



Report by Thinley Othzer and Norbu Supervisor 


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