Children need hope, they need REWA
Children need hope, they need REWA

Workshop on REWA 2020 on Nov. 3rd, 2018



On 3rd November half day workshop organised at REWA centre facilitated by Manger of REWA   society on REWA 2020.

Agenda of the workshop:

  1. To incorporate individual ideas  and opinion for REWA 2020
  2. To develop  confident in staff members  to express  their opinion in public,


At the beginning I have show that how important it isto have a team work with some method, and I also shown what will happen if one loos the team work, through a string look at the picture below.


In this workshop individual were given a opportunity to express their opinion and view about the construction of comprehensive rehabilitation centre” REWA 2020”


Individual express their opinion ,suggestion and expectation through a chart paper and one by one explain their opinion, suggestion and expectation to the participant,

It was an interesting presentation by the staff members, and this different ideas feed to the staff members and they become confident in making their mine broad thinking, generally technical staff always focused on therapy, they were never able to thing beyond the therapy. This workshops help them to open their mine and thoughts in a open and broader way


  1. Everyone now has a clear view on REWA 2020
  2. Everyone is happy in involving their ideas for REWA 2020
  3. This workshop helping them to develop their confident.
  4. New ideas for REWA 2020


  • Frequently need to organise such workshop to develop their confident, at least once in a month.
  • Staff should get involved in other activities beside the therapy.



Manager Dorjay




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