Children need hope, they need REWA
Children need hope, they need REWA

REWA staff spends time in Delhi for capacity training

New Pictures 28.01.2015, please scroll to the bottom!

The REWA team has reached Delhi safely on January 8th and accommodation is fine. They are exited about the opportunity to learn about disability and to expand their abilities.


Team had their first interaction with Ishwar and Endolite team today, and they happy with everything.

From Jan. 13th onwards, Norbu will be attached with the Orthotic and Prosthetic technician so that he could learn, and Chuskit and Mehmooda will be attached with the storeroom in charge so that could learn the book keeping of store room etc.

Physiotherapist will be on rotation around the centre.

Hope they learn a lot from Ishwar team.

Report by Dr. Stanzin Chokla

Janaury 15th update

A few more photographs..

Today team went to Akshay Pratishtan..

a NGO running inclusive school and vocational training for disabled people.

Till 17th of January  physiotherapist will continue to go the same NGO and Chuskit, Mehmooda will continue with the store room training and Norboo and Mehmood will continue with the orthotic training.


New pics from capacity training Jan. 28,2015

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