Children need hope, they need REWA
Children need hope, they need REWA

Summer in Kargil 2017

My experience at Rewa Kargil was full of warmth and affection.


I am grateful to Ms. Karola, Mr. Gulzar for letting me avail this opportunity to work with children and the staff.

I was amazed to see the engagement of the staff with children. There is a hint of deep concern when Mehmood sir tried to push the children to exercise the muscle a bit more, or when Bilkis ‘s warmth puts the child at a safe place to do any activity or play any game . Hamida’s proactiveness helps the volunteers take up daily routines with an enthusiastic zeal. The special class, is well handled by Fatima and Zainab. It is so surprising to see them deal with all the children, with care and curiosity all throughout the day. The major highlight of the staff is the receptiveness to any help or new learnings. The Tuesday class, with their involvement were held with a good amount of curiosity and a will to learn.
We all could learn so much from each other, and work effectively within a lot of other constraints.
The biggest challenge working at Rewa was the language, since a lot of kids don’t speak or respond to language as much as they like to engage in amusement.  I think before making the lives of the children easier or happier, you have to enter their comfort and it may cause a little discomfort to you but that should be okay. The children will first run away from adopting anything new that you mean to tell them, but they will try to listen to gradually. The only key in working with children was patience, the first days were hardest I remember. The other constraint was the amount of time we had. Some activities or exercises were extensive and required more practice, which could not be taken up. I wish to come again to Kargil with more time in hand. I was glad to witness the model of inclusive education within the school premises, it is symbolic of resilience in itself.

I am thankful for the cherishing memories, experiences and friends I made during my stay. Hopes to visit again.


Prerna Gupta



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