Children need hope, they need REWA
Children need hope, they need REWA

Volunteer Mudita reflects about her time with REWA, Kargil, June 2017

Hope prevails in Kargil


I am so grateful to Ladakh Hilife/REWA for providing me this golden opportunity to explore the unexplored Kargil. I was deeply humbled and honored after meeting the people of Kargil and all the staff of REWA and Munshi Habibullah Mission School. Even though Kargil is a small town with a history of violence and war nothing could tarnish its beauty and its zeal to work towards a peaceful and bright future for the next generation. My experience of working in Munshi Habibullah School was simply incredible. All the staff of the school from students to teachers, principal, director and REWA staff were so open and ready to embrace our ideas and to accommodate us. The school is open to inclusive education of children who are differently abled with regular students which makes me really happy and hopeful. I am a psychologist by profession so I was required to work with children who are in special class. I have never met such an enchanting group of kids who all ready to learn. In the period of 25 days I along with my fellow friends and colleagues prepared the syllabus for special class, conducted several classes with regular children on developing different types of social skills and counseled parents and teachers. I also got the opportunity to observe and learn about physiotherapy from the volunteers who were physiotherapist. Each day brought a new dawn of imparting and gaining knowledge and I have learnt so much.

My experience of staying in Kargil was filled with fun and precious moments. We were eight people staying together belonging to different professions and cultures and all coming together to work for something we are passionate about. Learning about new dishes, travelling and exploring Kargil together, meeting new people, celebrating eid with the locals, waking up to beautiful blue skies, and snow capped mountains, the stay was absolutely amazing. Thank you so much REWA for this opportunity and I am really grateful to all the people who have been a part of this beautiful experience. I absolutely would love to come back again and be of service to Kargil.

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