Children need hope, they need REWA
Children need hope, they need REWA

Social worker Jeeva volunteers in Kargil


On 5th of October I landed in Leh and was accompanied by Mr. Norbu towards the guest house. The very next day I went to visit the Leh center of Rewa society. I met many professional members who took care of the children just the way it was supposed to be. The day went quite well.

It was only on 7th of October when I reached kargil and started to prepare myself for the challenging volunteership.  My area of work was limited to two fields.


Firstly to help out Miss. Bilquis, the manager, in making reports of the fieldtrips, to write minutes of the meeting and to widen her computer knowledge .  Here my basic focus was to teach her simple and easy tricks that would help her in managing the NGO effectively.  Second area of my work was to engage with the students of special class. Here I worked along with Miss. Archo. Here my basic focus was to engage children in fun activities that would make them learn things faster. I believe that a child should not only be introduced to books alone but also to action songs that strengthens memorization of information and the ability to recall what has been learned. And also introduced activities that would enhance their creativity and increase their focus level. I have suggested that children should start their day with exercise or Yoga. Also on a regular basis they should be taught what are good and bad manners.


Undoubtedly Rewa Society is one of the best NGO for any volunteer who wishes to learn and educate oneself about social work. My experience in Rewa Society was in fact a learning one. One thing that I found unique about this NGO was that it also educated the parents of the children suffering from various disorders. Although I wasn’t fortunate enough to be a part of fieldtrips but while learning about this , it made me realize that this NGO is truly contributing a lot to those in need. However I was fortunate enough to meet Mr. Dorjay, with whom I had  long conversations , sharing my ideas to raise funds and how to inspire and spread the good work done by REWA Society to maximum people. And am very much grateful to Karola Mam for giving me an opportunity to be a part of Rewa Society. Also by being invited as a resource person by Nehru Yuva Kendra Kargil (Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports) to deliver a lecture on NGO management and volunteerism, just made this journey more beautiful.


Jeeva Thomas

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