Children need hope, they need REWA
Children need hope, they need REWA

Tsering Disket is a Post Graduate in Psychology from Kashmir University. She is volunteering with REWA and helping with her expertise, 22.08.2018


Introduction: It was a pleasurable experience for me to meet the children with different abilities at REWA society Leh on my first day in the organization as a volunteer. During this month, I have gone through various experiences which were worth it as they really inspire me to give back to the society. Now, I would like to present the report stepwise as follows: 

Objectives: To present an overview about my work and experiences as a volunteer at REWA. 


Rapport Building: at first I introduced myself to REWA staffs and volunteers. Then I met with the children and their parents. The interaction with them was fruitful as it took a while for me to build rapport with them in a short period. Within a week I almost met with all the children at REWA society and interacted with them. 


 Knowing about children (Problem Identification) I have collected data about the children through observation and previous record. Then I interacted with parents, teacher, physiotherapists and other volunteers. I came to know more about the children from them by asking questions through interviews. I have prepared a case study of one child named Aman whom I observed over several days. I also have used some of the symptoms checklists of ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) to know more about the child’s problems. I have given the checklists to parents, teacher and physiotherapists to fill up as they know more about the child. It was the tool which I used to collect data about the child. In this way I have done assessment and diagnosed the child as a probable case of ADHD.


Counselling with parent

Interaction with parents (Parent Counselling) Then I met with the parents of some children at their home and asked some relevant questions about the child and their family background. Some of the parents are supportive as they seem to be ready to take any action to improve their children’s disability so that the child would become independent which leads to a meaningful life. Then I specially met with my client’s mother at the Organization and did a counselling session with her. I have told her about the child’s problems, causes, prevalence and interventions. 


Group Activities (Intervention) There are some group activities which I have done with children and parents such as Insight & Self Awareness Game (based on the game Unknown wish), Self-Esteem Game and Colored Candy Go Around.


About the “Colored Candy Go Around” Game:  Treatment Modality: Family or Group (child).  Goals: Gather information about the client & family/group. Increase open communication. Identify areas of change or improvement to be addressed.  Description: Each colour represents some sort of traits/values  Green:   Words to describe self  Purple:   Ways you have fun  Orange:   Things you’d like to change/ improve about yourself or family  Red:  Things you worry about  Yellow:  Good things about your family  Possible discussion questions are as follows: What did you learn? How will you work towards making changes/ improvements?  Discussion This activity facilitates open communication and provides insight into individual and family dynamics. The family can be encouraged to try the activity at home with questions they generate either in session or on their own.


Teaching Children: I am also helping Ms Padma at the organization in teaching through class work, play way activities and assigning homework to children.


Home Visits: During these two month (July and August) I have visited Shey village, Phyang village and Chushot Inclusive School to meet with other children and interacted with them.


Challenges during interaction: During interaction with children I was confronted with an aggressive child who became very violent due to hyperactivity. In that situation I had to try to understand his feelings and do my work with patience. Then I was able to calm him down by showing unconditional love and empathy towards him.


Achievements:  After doing an assessment about the case of ADHD I felt the need of doing some interesting activities with the child with ADHD.   The child is inattentive and impulsive. He could not concentrate during the class because of his attention problem. He loves to do activity which is pleasing to all sensory organs and learn from those activities. Then I have done various play activities like colour recognition activity, fine motor skill activity and Practice Paint Chip Storytelling game with him during the classes. Now, he sustains attention for an appropriate time and shows an interest by doing different activities. And I feel extremely happy and satisfied by seeing such changes in the child.



We need a separate counselling room so that the counselee feels comfortable while doing session. 

More material for play activities.


REWA lives up to its name. 

It gives one the hope that things can be changed and will change



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Tsering Disket




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