Children need hope, they need REWA
Children need hope, they need REWA

PT Veronika offers special service in Kargil

Do it yourself - abduction wedges


In Kargil we have a few special children with a lot of muscle tension or less muscle tension which makes it difficult for them to move different parts of the body. One of them is Gulzar – for him it is nearly not possible to move his legs without support. This can be a problem, when he is in one position for a longer time for example during the sleeping time and it causes pain in his hips. Therefore we considered giving him an easy support for his legs to place them in a neutral position when he lays on his back and on the side. 


Marlene, the second volunteer, and me asked at different upholstery shops in Kargil for a rest piece of padding.  Finally we found a piece and got it for free as we told the shop owner about the usage. Back in REWA I could cut the padding with a knife in exactly the shape as Gulzar needs it for his legs. We corrected it a few times until Gulzar told us that it is comfortable for him. We tried it in REWA and after that he could take it home to use it during his sleeping time. 


After Gulzar gave us a good feedback, we could make three more of those padded abduction wedges for three other kids. Some of them have a lot of muscle tention in their legs. We used it in different resting positions to keep the legs and the hips in a neutral position. We gave the parents instructions how to use it and all of them took the abduction wedges home.


Actually we’re looking for more pieces of padding to make different elements especially ergonomically adjusted for our special needs children. 

I really love to try to develop new things with the things we can get (or old things we already have) here in Kargil.  It’s great to show the local physiotherapists and the parents easy options they can do on their own


We are also offering special teaching to the local staff to boost their morale and knowledge.


Thank you for your support, all the best 

PT Veronika



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