Children need hope, they need REWA
Children need hope, they need REWA

Parents meeting on April 3rd, 2018

On 3d April we had organized a parents meeting with a following agendas:


Importance of  respect and  maintain the dignity of child.

Importance of the parents participation in development of the child goal.

Identify the skill in your child and how to utilize the existing energy for a purposeful activity.

Sharing the experience and changes seen by parents on his /her child.

Child and family project for winter vacation.


The meeting was organized at Rewa centre, it was begin at 11 am and 17 parents were participated.


As we observed the parents attitude towards the Rewa has tremendously changed as compare to earlier, they have a positive  energy towards Rewa and they have a  willing to contribute, they really like our  new approach and activities, we have  also  share our new  strategy for the children’s ,we said that we will not only focus on the child physical development and  therapy we will also  focused on the child intellectual development and   education.

Some of the parents were tearing when we explain and share our vision for the children’s with disability.


They said we will contribute what we have, parents have made a committee with committee leaders who will always contribute and support in any activities initiate by Rewa society, they will also involve in fund raising activities in future. Last year we have given a home work for the kids; it was for a family project actually, the idea beyond the project was to show importance and caring to their child. Generally children with disability during the winter vacation their parents are not giving importance to their disable children, they just focused on their normal child. The children with disabilities were emotionally hart and this will always discourage them and the children with disability stay demotivated. To overcome from this challenges and barrier it was our first steps and it was successful. We have taken the parents and make a tour inside the Rewa and explained each and every facility we have. We have explain the eternal  environment .


This year we  have a plan for gardening but it was not only for  flowers and looks but we are giving more importance  the gardening in therapy purpose. we have designed a material for the kids  for gardening  which will use during the gardening  to improve the functional activities of the kids and so on.

We are doing our best to implement what we have learned in Germany during our winter training, kids were distribute in groups like lotus group, Sunflower group etc. each group has a  group leader, there will be a  competition among the groups and so on.


Parents committee leader were given a thanks by giving a khatags.

We have also decided to celebrate the 15 years completion this year in the month of September.


Report by Manager Dorjay

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