Children need hope, they need REWA
Children need hope, they need REWA

REWA kids and staff participate in Kargil Marathon in July 2017

We all staff and volunteers at REWA Kargil are fine, every things is good here.


Today l will write you a short reports of Marathon at Kargil, this is first Marathon in kargil Ladakh, its call  (Kargil International Marathon 2017)more thanfive hundred people participate in this marathon. They came from different  countries and also local people. The special thing I want to write you the Rewa children also participate in this Marathon we just run 2 KM and all the children who participate in this marathon they all are very happy they enjoy lot.

We couldn't bring all the children because the Marathon started at 6 am early in the morning. Only Angmo Kaneez, Gulzar Zakir, Mohammad Villat and school kid Billal Mehmood joined the Marathon. There were  so many other people and guest to join the Marathon. The reporters were very interested in Rewa and our children. So we had to give interviews and pose for pictures. The Children relly enjoyed the happening at the Marathon and had a lot of fun. Volunteer Mathilde Richon was running for 10 km and finally she made it. We were very proud of her and we waited fort he endo of her run to clap for here.


Tomorrow we go to picnic. I send you soon picture and report.


Bilquees and Mehmood from Kargil

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