Children need hope, they need REWA
Children need hope, they need REWA

OT Jana teaches local staff to make posture chairs themselves

Making Posture Chairs

Hussein Ali lives in a beautiful village called Karkichu. Although this village is only 12km from Kargil, it is inaccessible by car. The only way to reach the village is to walk over a foot bridge and follow a foot path over a stream and through apple and apricot orchards. The REWA team tries to visit Hussein once a week because it is almost impossible for him to leave his village, even leaving his house is challenging. Hussein has cerebral palsy and is completely dependent on his family for mobility. He spends most of his day lying on the floor or outside in a wheelbarrow. Over time Hussein's hip has dislocated, his pelvis has rotated and he is starting to develop a scoliosis due to poor positioning. During a home visit the REWA team decided that a posture chair is needed to help him to sit with his body in correct alignment to prevent further deformities. The quickest and most affordable way to make a posture chair is to use cardboard boxes and papier-mâché using a technique called Appropriate Paper-based Technology (APT).   

Gulzar comes to the REWA Ability Centre twice a week. He has muscle dystrophy which has progressed to the extent that he can no longer sit without support. He has also developed severe deformities. During therapy he is placed in a posture chair which enables him to sit independently, however at home he does not have a posture chair. We decided that he would also benefit from a paper technology chair because the long winter holiday is approaching and we don't want him to be lying all the time. So last week during activity time everybody helped to make his chair, even Zahara Batool, another REWA client, tried to tear some newspaper!


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