Children need hope, they need REWA
Children need hope, they need REWA

Changes for the better in 2017

Lacking internet has hampered communication with Germany first four month of the year, but not the work going on with REWA Leh and Kargil. Heavy snow fall hindered the re-construcion of the internet lines, but as of beginning of May it seemed to be working again.



New manager Dorjay is implementing great changes in Ladakh. In Leh the renovation of the RAC has started. 

Staff meetings are being held for planning and updating.

Rewa society is developing a proper MIS (management information system)or Beneficiary Database and also improving many ways of work and communication. Collaboration with other NGOs and district hospital will be improved. Proper parents meetings will be prepared and held. Dorjay and Norbu will spend time in Kargil to assist the REWA team there and make improvements. 



Never before did we have so many indian volunteers. Professionals from all over India are applying for volunteer work and do a much appreciated and reat job in REWA Leh and Kargil. We also have professional volunteers from Switzerland and Germany coming to Leh and Kargil this summer to help improve the quality of work. 


Please enjoy the pictures of staff meeting, new office for Dorjay and Norbu and the changes in RAC Leh.


First Indian Volunteers are being honored after their work

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